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Download Lix here! Info, screenshot, IRC
« on: July 17, 2016, 11:40:47 am »

Lix is a computer game, similar to Lemmings. It's free and open source, for Windows, Linux, and other systems.

Download D Lix, my rewrite since February 2015. I recommend it for singleplayer and level editing. Multiplayer isn't finished yet, but it's underway.
  • Play the included lemforum community pack.
  • Play the included NepsterLix and Rubix's singleplayer levels.
  • Design new levels.
  • Smoke-test the multiplayer with me: Come online in IRC.
C++ Lix is the old version. I still offer it for download, but encourage all culture to move towards D Lix.

Contact/IRC: #lix, chat in your browser. Or post on this board. Or send email to eiderdaus at the

Report bugs/features: Ideally, file issues on github. Alternatively, create a new topic on this board.

Screenshot from our first singleplayer level, Any Way You Want. Lix comes with 500 levels designed by Lemmingsforums members. Build your own levels with the included editor.

-- Simon
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