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thoughts on pseudo-3D lemmings game
« on: March 24, 2024, 10:40:46 PM »
Suddenly got this idea after thinking about Prince of Persia, and how that tile set looks.

see this for reference:

What I thought about was a Lemmings game which would play as a 2D physics game, but with graphics that gave an illusion to 3D environment like Prince of Persia.

How this could work(?):
The Lemmings would walk not on the top of the terrain (where they currently do if this kind of graphic set is used in NeoLemmix) but within the center of the "platform", top side of the blocks, that is; where you would expect if this was a true 3D game, where the character runs around in the game Prince of Persia. This is similar to how Lemmings Revolution works, except there the perspective is constantly changing. My idea would be like Prince of Persia, with a constant perspective. Like Revolution however, you could have left facing lemmings on one side (further to the right or left side of the platform) and right facing on the opposite, to help tell them apart.

and absolutely no blocks that *cover up view of the Lemmings* tsk tsk! :P [both Persia and Revolution suffer from this!]

Thoughts? Would this look better or worse artistically? [this is largely subjective I'm aware] Would this be better or worse for understanding what's going on and how the game works?
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