Author Topic: [Bug?][Player] Slider Oddity when Bashing  (Read 600 times)

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[Bug?][Player] Slider Oddity when Bashing
« on: December 08, 2023, 12:12:55 PM »
See attached level. Tested in NL 12.12.5. I discovered this while resolving a level in the current LDC #29. When bashing through a wall, when the Lemming reaches the end, he will transition to a walker. Not so with a slider. When a slider reaches the end of the wall, he stays in the bashing animation and takes another stroke even though he should had stopped because there's no more terrain in front of him, no matter the distance when you assign the basher. Ok, not too bad I guess, but still odd IMO.

Even weirder is when you assign the basher to a slider near the end of a downward slope. Because there's no terrain in front of him to trigger off the checks on whether to continue bashing, he shouldn't be bashing down the slope and instead should had stopped after taking one stroke just like when you assign a basher to any walker when there's no terrain in front of him. This only happens if you assign the basher skill to the slider near the bottom of the slope. If you assign it high enough on the slope, the slider will just take a stroke and stop as expected.

edit: Confirmed that this works on an even, flat surface as well, if you assign the slider to bash near the edge of the platform. It seems to only happen when the basher is assigned at a spot so that he does 1 or 2 full basher strokes before reaching the edge and sliding. Any further than that resulting in more than 1-2 full basher strokes and he'll stop after one stroke as expected due to no terrain in front of him. So, this means if the end of the wall is far enough from the edge of the platform he'll stop after reaching the end as expected instead of continuing to bash nothing in front of him. 
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