Author Topic: [SLX] Lemmings Cranium SLX Edition - 150 Levels (Difficulty: Very Hard)  (Read 592 times)

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With special thanks to jkapp76 for converting the level pack.  Lemmings Cranium is now available for SuperLemmix.  Attachment is at the bottom of this post.

Please note that is largely unofficial and a few levels have confirmed to be unsolvable due to the Stoner being replaced with the Freezer.  There may be other faults that have yet to be identified.

Full details of the pack can be found on the NeoLemmix post here.

Note: The music ZIP is quite a hefty 50 MB download and can be found here on Dropbox.

Custom backgrounds used:

- flopsy_deathegg:deathegg_act2
- flopsy_starlight:starlight
- gigalem_desertmd:night
- gigalem_skymd:cloudtops_night
- l3_shadow:mines_sky
- namida_bridge:night_small
- namida_clockwork:cogs
- namida_mineshaft:rocky
- orig_marble:marble_level
- orig_dirt_md:genesis_blue
- orig_fire:fire_level
- ray_snow:back_repeat_snow
- ray_spooky:spooky_inside
- ray_spooky:spooky_night
- special:amiga_blue
- zanzindorf_agony:agony_night

Custom styles used (more than just backgrounds)

- Tree (namida)
- Biolab (Raymanni)
- Thorn (bulletride)
- L3 Biolab
- L2 Space
- Machine (namida)
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