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Results of previous level design contests
« on: September 17, 2022, 03:44:29 PM »
I've decided to go through all previous level design contests and LOTY contests and list the winners and 2nd placements.

3rd placements were often not documented or if they were are often a result of ties between two winners. LOTY often did document those though.

In a few cases persons also occupied also multiple placements - like levels from person A took 2nd and 3rd place.

I plan to update the list after future contests. Enjoy! :)

Official level design contests

              1st                          2nd                                 3rd

#1         Crane                       IchoTolot (Lemmini)
#2         Nepster                    WaffLem
#3         WaffLem/IchoTolot   IchoTolot/Möbius
#4         IchoTolot                  Nepster (Lix)
#5         Crane                       IchoTolot      
#6         Geoffster                  Crane
#7         GigaLem                   IchoTolot
#8         DRAW/CANCELED (IchoTolot/Nepster) - As no one really voted!
#9         Flopsy                       Apjjm
#10       BulletRide                 Apjjm
#11       zanzindorf                Crane
#12       Colorful Arty             Namida
#13       Nessy                       IchoTolot
#14       Nessy                       Raymanni
#15       Colorful Arty             SQron188
#16       Nessy                       Crane
#17       Crane                       Nessy
#18       Namida                    Crane
#19       Flopsy+IchoTolot (Tie)  -                                   Armani
#20       DireKrow                 Armani
#21       IchoTolot                 Armani
#22       Armani                     Nessy
#23       Kingshadow3          Armani
#24       IchoTolot+tan x dx (Tie) -                                 Kingshadow3
#25       Armani                    IchoTolot
#26       NieSch                    Armani 
#27       Simon (Lix)              -                                        NieSch
#28       Kingshadow3          Armani                              Simon (Lix)
#29       Armani                    kaywhyn                           IchoTolot

Overall count of 1st placements: 

5: IchoTolot
3: Armani, Crane, Nessy
2: Colorful Arty, Flopsy, Kingshadow3
1: BulletRide, DireKrow, Geoffster, GigaLem, Namida, Nepster, NieSch,Simon, tan x dx, WaffLem, zanzindorf

Overall count of 2nd placements:

6: IchoTolot
5: Armani
4: Crane
2: Apjjm, Nessy
1: kaywhyn, Namida, Nepster, Möbius, Raymanni, SQron188, WaffLem

Overall count of 3rd placements (in case of tied 1st place, or 2 levels of the same author reaching 1st and 2nd place):

1: Armani, IchoTolot, Kingshadow3, NieSch, Simon


Official level of the year contests

               1st                          2nd                                  3rd

2015       IchoTolot                GigaLem                           Geoffster
2016       Nepster                  Gronkling   
2017       Flopsy
2018       tan x dx                  Namida                            kieranmillar
2019       IchoTolot+Namida (Tie)  -                               Crane
2020       DireKrow                Armani                              IchoTolot
2021       Nessy                    IchoTolot
2022       Armani+IchoTolot (Tie)  -                                IchoTolot

Overall count of 1st placements: 

3: IchoTolot
1: Armani, DireKrow, Flopsy, Namida, Nepster, Nessy, tan x dx

Overall count of 2nd placements (if present):

1: Armani, GigaLem, Gronkling, IchoTolot, Namida

Overall count of 3rd placements (if present):

2: IchoTolot
1: Crane, Geoffster, kieranmillar
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Re: Results of previous level design contests
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2022, 10:53:16 PM »
@Icho - Looks great! :thumbsup: One suggestion, and that is I wonder if right next to #3's that it should be specified that it was a tag team/collaboration contest in parenthesis ??? Then again, I think the slashes in the results kind of implies the tag team nature, although I think it could potentially be incorrectly interpreted as a tie. However, you do specify ties when they do happen, but even then I think to clear up all doubt there can be a note for #3's contest being a tag team one. I'm definitely being pedantic here, though, but I'm a very detail-oriented person, as you all know :P Speaking of which, maybe one of those collaborations can get started again sometime? It's been too long since the last one, and I think I will most definitely take part in it if so ;)

Also, by compiling the results, it does confirm my guess, which I never bothered to verify myself, that you currently lead the LDC's with the most first place wins :) I must say that's really amazing, 5 wins over 25 LDCs. That's 20%, for some more stats fun! ;) Also, missing 4 wins for first place and 5 wins for second place. Interesting :laugh:

Finally, during the voting phase, I think going forward I will keep track of the number of votes that each level gets for my own personal records, and then once the voting is over and the winner(s) have been determined, I will post my spreadsheet publicly to the site. In this way, I won't be doing it as each voting round closes ;)
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