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[BUG] When dragging the minimap, if the mouse goes outside of it, it loses focus


I noticed when dragging my cursor around the minimap, if the cursor goes outside of the box, then it loses focus. Kind of hard to explain, but if I hold down the left mouse button, and scroll right outside of the box, while still holding the mouse button, the natural thought would be that when moving back to the left, it would pan the level back to the left, but it does not. In order for it to scroll left, you have to let go of the mouse button, and then re-click and drag once you are inside the minimap.  This seems like it should continue, as long as the mouse button is held down.

Unfortunately, in the screenshot, it did not pick up the crosshair, but I left clicked on the left side of the level, scrolled to the right, and continued outside of the minimap box, to the right.

Hope that makes sense.


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