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High-level two-player replays
« on: April 02, 2022, 07:03:30 PM »

Rampoina asked on IRC: Are there replays of two-player Lix games between strong players? How can we learn more about multiplayer strategy?

I've attached two replays:
  • Stepping Stones 2v2. It shows a common principle in multiplayer: Higher and faster routes are better. Even though the purple team loses, pay attention to purple's initial relentless attacking of the orange bunch. The orange bunch is weakest while the top route is nearly prepared, but not completely done, and the bunch hasn't yet ascended to the top level.
  • A close and eventually drawn endgame at the bottom of the towers: Both geoo and I want to fight for a win in a drawn position. This shows micromanagement of single lixes that have to attack a bunched enemy crowd.
To watch replays:
  • Either put them into your replay directory, then navigate there from Lix's replay browser.
  • Or, on Windows, drag them on the Lix icon.
  • Or, on all OSes, run Lix with the replay filename as a command-line argument.
Ah, if you watch these replays: Lix versions since mid-2021 have a bug: Lix will re-save a watched multiplayer replay, even though you haven't changed it. This is a regression of the new end-of-game dialog. I'll fix this in the next version, 0.9.44.

-- Simon
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