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Maps & insights from February 2022 session
« on: February 15, 2022, 08:01:27 PM »

Flopsy and Lana created several maps for our recent session in early February 2022. Please post them here, then I can include them in the next release. :lix-grin:

Flopsy: My Eyelids for Holes (4 players): You found that it's much easier going left than going right. Consider to move the exit further left to incentivize going right?

Insights about spreading the love from that session.

BadBlocker said: He loves 2-player Lemmings, but multiplayer Lix brings the interaction too quickly, contemporary map culture doesn't nail the essence of 2-player Lemmings for him. He suggests more route building in isolation before confrontation. He considers not joining every single session, but still to occasionally join.

I replied ad hoc: Yes, either we should split into fewer players, or wait for handicap (physics change) later in 2022.

In hindsight, the large sessions are the main events, and we had 4-8 players every time. This is much different from L1 2-player. It's conceivable to play more 2-team maps, where new players can focus on route building.

Maybe new players like multiplayer solitaire? I.e., maps with no/very little interaction. This is unpopular with the strong players, but if it's a way of onboarding... hmm.

Or warmly suggest 1v1 with either another new(ish) player. Or 1v1 against a strong player who plays at a handicap (later in 2022). I don't know how much handicaps will really help with the situation, we'll have to see. Links: Handicap on LF, #391 on github

(Also mantha16 can't get to grips with Lix, I'll ask in more detail tomorrow.)

-- Simon
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