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Virtual Lemming / Highlight bugs


(Note that at the time of creating this topic, these two features are not supported in the latest release build, but are supported in the latest commits on Bitbucket.)

Applicable to both
- The Turner skill cannot be assigned
- Skill icons don't do the "animate once" thing like they do in L3D

Exclusive to Highlight
Currently none

Exclusive to Virtual Lemming
- Camera immediately snaps when lemming turns around instead of a gradual rotation like in L3D
- Camera direction doesn't change for Blockers / Turners
- Lemmings in front of the VL camera, but behind or on the VL lemming's position (including the VL lemming himself) will be picked up by the mouse
- Other lemmings may disappear or flicker when in Virtual Lemming mode, usually only if the camera is rotated
- The shrugger ? icon is not visible for the VL lemming in Virtual Lemming mode

All bugs noted in this topic are now fixed and no further new ones have been found. As always, if you do find any, feel free to make a new topic.


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