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How to get a level from a replay file
« on: February 09, 2021, 07:32:50 AM »
(Lix 0.9.x)
Replay files that are saved by or within the game contain the full level information. These replay files itself can be even used as level files, although that could lead to confusion.

To create a proper level file you can either delete the replay information above the level information or open the file in the ingame editor and save, which cuts away the replay information. The replay is then lost though, it should be therfore copied if there is interest in keeping it.
(The level information begins with the line "$BUILT...")
The file should then be renamed to a/the level file name since it has still the replay file name. You could as well save as within the game editor to the proper file name.

Other than in single player the replay file names of multiplayer sessions unfortunately do not entail the level file name so that it is harder to find the desired level. The information provided in the file name then is the amount of players and the date/time of playing which can narrow it down. (Though there is something to it that the game doesn't nose out files on other computers.)
To find the level name you can either open the replay UI within the game and click through the replays which shows the level names on the right side. Or have a program that can search for words in multiple files or go manually through the files and look/search there for the level name (line "$ENGLISH...").
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Re: How to get a level from a replay file
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2021, 07:56:19 AM »
Right, a replay file contains the level. If you open the replay file as a level, e.g., by moving it into the level tree and selecting it in the level browser, it will be that level. When Lix interprets a file as a level, Lix will ignore the replay lines in the file.

On one hand, it's handy to always have the exact version of a level right in the replay as a backup.

On the other hand, it's confusing what exactly a file really is.

The mass replay verifier will even ignore the included level and always run the replay against a file in the level tree. These special rules (when will Lix use the included level, when will Lix use the pointed-to level?) make the system hard to understand. In the replay browser, there are two buttons to work around this ambiguity: "Play" to replay against the included level, "Pointed-to level" to ignore the included level and replay against the level in your tree.

-- Simon