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An as-yet-unnamed story
« on: May 17, 2006, 07:57:32 PM »
I'll be posting new chapters as regularly as possible. For now, here's Chapter 1.

[size=20]Chapter 1[/size]

[size=12]Gemma clambered through the hole. There seemed to be nothing but inky blackness.

  She continued regardless, and eventually bumped intoU A door, which seemed to be wooden. Strange. Not exactly the kind of thing you\d find in a burrow. The burrow itself was odd enough, though. It felt relatively spacious, and didn\t smell at all musty. It\s not exactly normal to come across a hole you could fit through, either. A muffled voice drifted through the door. It sounded female, and quite gentle. This was just the beginning.
  The door suddenly opened, and something came out. It seemed fairly human, but simultaneously not. The creature was no taller than a 13-year-old, judging by the height of its eyes, which were huge. The pupils of them nearly filled the iris, giving them an almost cartoonish appearance. The same voice from behind the door spoke again.
  ]Who are you?^
  Gemma was dumbstruck. It could talk. And in English, no less. She stammered.
  ]Frightened?^ The creature enquired.
  ]N-no. I\m not.^ Gemma lied.
  The thing laughed.
  ]Well, you certainly seem like you are.^
  ]Anyway,^ The creature continued, ]Back to business. Who are you and why are you here?^
  Gemma calmed down a little. ]My name\s Gemma. I think I\m lost and I can\t find my way home. I was looking for somewhere to sleep.^
  ]Lost, huh? We could give you a bed for the night, if you want.^
  ]Thank you.^
  ]I\ll take that as a yes.^ She then yelled back through the door. ]Darkfire!^
  ]Yes, miss?^
Another creature rushed through, even stranger than the last. This new creature\s voice sounded male and adult, but quite high pitched, and he was tiny -  he only seemed to come up to the other\s chest. The eyes, however, were yet more bizarre. They were vivid green, had vertical, slitted pupils and shone in what little light there was, like a cat\sU But extremely large.
  ]Darkfire, fix the human a room. And quit calling me miss.^
  ]But it sounds professional, miss!^
  ]Professional? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely. Stop it.^
  ]Sorry m-^ Darkfire stopped suddenly. ^Sorry.^ He scuttled off, back through the door.
  Gemma was confused. ]What are you? What\s your name?^
  ]You\ll find that out soon enough, and my name\s Murena.^ The first creature replied.
  ]Pretty name.^
  ]Common name.^
  Gemma found herself the most confused she\d felt in her life.

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Re: An as-yet-unnamed story
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2006, 12:15:04 AM »
Can we continue it?
so with a feeling that she was more lost than she originally thought, Gemma climeb through the doorway and found herself standing in a spacious room. By this, what is meant is that it was spacious to the..Hobbits? we'll call them that for now.
"Here ye are, now what's your name?" The small male one said.
"My name is Gemma, Gemma Windlinton(This is really your story so If you want, you can change that last name Chmera) what is this place? and where's the bed?"
"Yer sittin' on it I suppose in case yuo haven't noticed, not to observant are yeh?" Darkfire said.
"But this is much too small, I'd fall off or something, I can't even lay down on it", Gemma exclaimed.
"Don't mind that, it'll make sense in time, gooh' night to yeh we'll lay out a map fer yeh tommorer."
Gemma wondered how someone with such a high voice couuld have an accent like that and still sound vaguely normal, but he did it somehow. She thought back to earlier and realised that he hadn't had that accent earlier. As she lay down on the "bed" which was more about the size of a small chair and much too small even for the Hobbit type things, several cords came out of the ground and bound her to it and she felt the ground sinking beneath her. She fought back against them and yet even though they were made of sand or paper, she couldn't tell which, they held. Eventually, she entered a sort of an underground cave with lanterns everywhere. The chair flipped over and dumped her onto a bed that was of sufficient size for a human. to her left sat a basin of water and some bread, to her right, a fire within the hearth, crackling over some logs, but what was in front of her was the most perplexing of them all.

Sorry, I couldn't resist adding to it. If you want to , you can just skip over this post and continue from your last post but if I may be so presumptious as to ask, Are we allowed to add to this at will?...Thinking back, that question was about as redundant as asking "can I ask you a question".

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Re: An as-yet-unnamed story
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2006, 06:13:46 PM »
Uhh. Sorry about that... I've been having a bad day. A REALLY bad day. I'm kinda paranoid and neurotic right now...

The Furbies are out to get meeee...*whimper*

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