Author Topic: [Guide] Running PC-98 Lemmings in Neko Project II  (Read 1377 times)

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[Guide] Running PC-98 Lemmings in Neko Project II
« on: January 05, 2021, 04:16:48 AM »
This information is largely adapted from this guide intended for Touhou.

Disclaimer: While I haven't noticed any issues with them, follow the download links at your own risk.

Note that a copy of Lemmings is not provided here. You will have to find that yourself.
The emulator: The Touhou guide recommends using the unofficial fmgen build, available here (scroll down until you find a file called "np2fmgen.7z" - 7zip is required to extract it): . Lemmings doesn't appear to use any features that benefit from this build over the official one, but relevant to Lemmings, there is a speedup function in the fmgen build. The audio emulation is noticeably better for some games in the fmgen build, but Lemmings seems to emulate plausibly well in both versions (I don't have real hardware to compare to at this time). The rest of the guide will assume the fmgen build, though much of it will work in the official build.

Configuring the emulator: There's multiple executable files in the fmgen build download. Multiple of them will probably work, but I'd suggest using np21nt.exe. The colors will look super wrong by default. You can improve this considerably by turning on Real Palettes (under the Screen menu). It doesn't seem to be perfect, though - I don't know if it's an emulation problem or if that's just how the PC-98 port is. Also, go to Emulate -> Configure, and set the multiplier next to the CPU selection. 32 should work okay, but if the performance seems bad, experiment with it a bit. I got bad performance when this was too low as well as when it was too high. Unlike DOSBox CPU cycles, however, I didn't seem to notice any immediate changes when messing with this - you'll probably need to reset to apply the changes.

Launching the game: You'll need to mount the disk image. If you've got a harddisk image, mount it as one of those (Harddisk -> IDE #0 or SASI #0 depending on build); if you've got a floppy disk image, you'll want to go to FDD1 -> Open (no guarantees they both exist). Then, go to Emulate -> Reset and it should start up. F12 should activate the mouse. If it doesn't, go to Device -> Mouse.