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Lix Proof Collection (solutions for all levels)
« on: August 18, 2019, 07:35:41 am »

...offers at least one solving replay ("proof") for every singleplayer level in the main Lix download.

Installation: Follow above link -> Clone or download -> Download as Zip -> Extract within replays/ of your Lix installation.

Usage: You can choose:
  • Run Lix, open the Replay browser, and watch individual replays.
  • Or, to check solvability without spoiling:
    In the Replay browser, navigate to the extracted directory (or to a pack or rank inside), then click "Verify Dir".
  • Or, to check solvability from the command line:
    lix --coverage replays/<theExtractedDirectory>
A solving replay is called a proof of solvability for its level. A level with at least one proof is called covered. Ideally, the proof shows the intended solution. When somebody else than the level author covers the level, it's usually close to the intended solution, but it might be a backroute.

If you're a singleplayer level designer, it's good style to cover your levels. If you would like your levels included in the main Lix download, please send me both the levels and their proofs, so I can include your proofs in the proof collection.

-- Simon
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