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Rabbit Escape and Snails
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:25:13 pm »
Recently I came across two games that are Lemmings-like:

  • Rabbit Escape by Andy Balaam (generally free and open source, GPL v2)
  • Snails by Jorge Lima, Alexandre Fontoura, published by 2Brains Games (commercial)

Rabbit Escape is a cute simple game in pencil drawing style. It's block based and at least the PC version is Java. You place the skills to be picked up in the world instead of direct assigning. The skills circles have physics as well. The UI looks very basic and there seems to be no frame stepping. There seems to be a good amount of levels as well, which are in an unlock system. I haven't played much though. It looks as if it can get fiddly/dexterity based.

I haven't played Snails, yet, but only seen footage. You seem to mainly place items which interact with the snails. The snails generally stick to the blocks like a magnobooter. There seem to be different game modes, one of which even includes killing the snails instead of saving. At the moment there seem to be 84 levels available.

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