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3D Lemmings - Corkscrew Digger
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:54:49 pm »
Hello everyone.

As I was checking out version differences between the PS1 and DOS version of 3D Lemmings, I noticed that the level Corkscrew Digger (Fun 18) was significantly different. Although the basic idea of the levels are the same, the PS1 version does away with the "Lemmings Need You!" poster and replaces it with a structure that has holes and steel blocks all over it. I personally find this version more enjoyable to play, so I've decided to remake it with the help of namida's L3DEdit program.

The zip file attached to this post contains a BLK.017 and LEVEL.017 file pair. If you copy these files into the LEVELS folder of your 3D Lemmings installation, it will replace the original Corkscrew Digger. For this reason, I suggest you back up the original data before you do this.



What it looks like on the PS1:

It's not a perfect translation, though. The level's structure is accurate, but the exit graphic had to be altered. This is because the texture set is borrowed from the Golf levels, and the exit face on those levels is completely black. The next best texture I could find is the one used by the level entrance, so I'm using that instead. I hope you don't mind.
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