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Non-Lemmings Projects Board Rules
« on: December 08, 2018, 08:22:13 AM »
As usual, we're not going to be ridiculously strict. I'll leave it open to Simon and the other admins to decide if they want to revise these, but for now, as a starting point:

1. A maximum of two topics per project - one as an "in development" topic, one as a release topic, and please close the development topic if/when you make a separate release topic.
2. If you are not otherwise active in the community (we'll be fairly lenient on this, but not eg. accounts that sign up, post their project, and are never seen again), please do not post any commercial products here.
3. Just in case, Lemmings Forums takes no responsibility in any way for any projects shared here. This includes that if a forum staff member shares a project here, Lemmings Forums and the staff (other than the staff member sharing the project, of course) take no responsibility. Any issues are between you and the project's creators only. Buy / download / use / observe / eat at your own risk.
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