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Cuber Edge Cases (heavy spoiler)
« on: May 17, 2018, 03:36:44 pm »
Some cuber edge cases:

1. Climber climbs in cube: If you assign a cuber it lasts some time until the cube is created and so lix can get into the cube in the process of cubing. So far so usual. But if you have a climber and cube near a wall it will start to climb and climb up within the created cube. (Showcase replay: cube3.txt)

2. Blocker within cube: In the above mentioned creating process of the cube you can assign a blocker to a lix, which will remain within the cube. Since the cube is created at first in layers, a lix that gets into that process pulls itself up the already created layer. If you assign blocker then, it is not only in the cube but also a bit heightened.
If you free that blocker with a walker you can assign basher which destroys the upper part of the cube. You have a small step then (Showcase replay: cube1.txt) (You can achieve that of course with assigning basher instead of blocker in first place as well.)  But the blocker must have been assigned at the very edge else there remains to one side a thin wall. (Showcase replay: cube2.txt)

3. Lix can get caught within the cube: As long as the cube is in creation process the lix can normally climb out of the already created parts of the cube. But if you delay a lix until the process is finished then the lix gets caught.  You can still assign destructive skills like the basher. The delay can be achieved, e.g. with assigning a batter or having a stunned lix. (Showcase replay with batter: cube5.txt)
A more unusual case is that even a faller if it is timed right can get caught. (Showcase replay: cube4.txt)
If the hatch is low enough then lix can spawn within the cube and get caught as well.

All replays were made in the level Any Way You Want.
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