Author Topic: When you update your set, please PM namida  (Read 2600 times)

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When you update your set, please PM namida
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:52:31 am »
If you're working on your set in the NeoLemmix v12 format, please remember:

When you create or change a graphic set, to get it included in the next update of NeoLemmix's styles / updated in the Style Manager's download functionality, please create a .zip file of your graphic set and send the .zip to namida by private forum message. Please make sure it includes sound effects as well as the style itself.

Please be aware - it is your responsibility to make sure NL's developers are aware of the updates to your styles. Do not rely on them seeing that you've posted on the forums - contact them via private message on the forums (NOT via Discord or any other means) to let them know.

This will help you in the future. ;)
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