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If I made any errors in my explanations here, be free to correct me! (especially pointing at Nepster as I'm sure I got some technical things wrong here :))   

So some users were a bit confused when a replay was failing in the 12.1.0 player, but was passing in the editor. What causes this?

That should be the case in levels where a graphic flipped hatch was used to make Lemmings spawn left out of the hatch. Now in the player those hatches are replaced with left-facing hatches that only have a different spawn direction than the standard hatch and have the correct shading again.
Discussion topic for that:

Currently the editor has the temporal bug that still displays the new standard of left-facing hatches wrong as the graphic flipped version complete with a slightly off trigger area in some cases. This should be fixed in the next editor version.
But in the level file of levels where a graphic flipped hatch was used to make Lemmings spawn left it still seems to affect the editors test mode and using the now wrong physics instead of the correct face left ones. -- at least that's my explanation for the cause I could be wrong here
So the result of the player is the correct one! -- that should be true nevertheless my cause is wrong ;)

So how to deal with and solve these inconsistancies and fixing your replays?

- Run a mass replay checker in the player to detect all failing replays because of the recent changes. (or you simply know where you used graphic flipped hatches to make Lemmings spawn left)
- Open the levels in the editor.
- Resave them.
- Now the editor's test mode should fail them correctly as the player does ---> the inconsistancy is resolved!
- Fix the replays to solve correctly again. (Most likely only the assignments are off by a few frames)

In any case a resave of a level should solve player-editor inconsistancies no matter the reason!

Again the editor problem should be fixed with the next update as Nepster is aware of the false display.
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