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new game dream
« on: January 29, 2017, 07:11:16 PM »
Last night I had a dream, a vision, an apparition that was being channeled to me by some Shaman from the Netherworld, if you will.

I was playing some kind of game where the level or playing area was a large square; I was looking at it in isometric style so it was 3D I think. The playing area was covered in two layers of devices; one was something like quicksand but it had some kind of current or something like this; the second was like lava and I believe it was instantly deadly. The quicksand was underneath and the lava had a large elliptical shape cut out and this was rotating around so the player character had to keep moving in order to stay alive. There were also two candles rotating around but I can't remember the purpose of those.
The player character was small and in the middle of this field. I'm not sure exactly how he needed to be controlled but I don't think he was able to jump or move upwards at all.
The quicksand appeared more like oatmeal (white in color) and it seemed to drag the player down and in circles. The person who made the level was beside me and I remember looking at the level and saying "oh you would do this!" like it was super difficult.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll remember the exact nature of this game; it's doubtful it made much sense anyway, but this inspired me to think of something similar:

A 3D puzzle/platform game (perhaps not too unlike the Portal set up (sans Portals)) but in third person and you always observe the whole level from outside like in my dream. The first ideas I had upon waking up all involved pushing blocks around in a very tile-based way, though I feel like tile-based games are old now, I play a ton. Maybe I want to go a different route with this.
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