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[NeoLemmix] Wafflem's Extra Levels
« on: November 17, 2016, 05:23:08 pm »
External Hard Drives

This is a topic for all levels that don't belong in any main pack. I have released these in three separate NXPs. One NXP is for all gimmick levels, and as such only compatible with V1.43n. The other two, both of which are compatible with V10.010.010, are a pack of Rejected LemmingBytes levels and a pack of other random levels.

External Hard Drive - Gimmicks

Other Gimmicks - 16 levels

Carbon Copy - a level using the Assign-All gimmick

This rank contains levels using gimmicks that were not used in the Lemmings Plus series. The last two levels are rejected levels from this pack.

X-Lems - 28 levels

Bash of Glory - a level using the Hardworkers and Steel Invert Gimmicks

Named after "X-Men" due to the levels not being "normal" due to having gimmicks, this was meant to be a pack full of gimmicks, but was ultimately canceled with the removal of gimmicks in updates of NeoLemmix after v1.43n.

Rejected Levels

LemmingBytes - 92 103 levels

Backroute Valley - formerly titled The Good Lemming, this level was overly backrouted and fixing the backroutes was a major hassle.

103 rejected levels from LemmingBytes, due to being uninteresting, builder-heavy, backroute-heavy, and just not fun. Some of these are also repeats of LemmingBytes leels.

Wafflem's Other Levels - 15 27 levels

Colonial Collaboration - a collaboration level by the colony consisting of Wafflem, BulletRide, möbius and Dullstar.

Other levels that are not part of big packs. These levels are divided into five ranks:
Wafflem - random levels that I made that were either part of my old NeoCustLemmix packs or just made for fun.
Arty - non-collab levels that I've sent to him for streaming. Levels 3 and 4 have not been played yet by him.
Blender - levels using mixed tilesets
Colony - group collab levels
Remix - modifications of the Official Lemmings Levels

WARNING: Blender 3 has an Access Violation error if you use the Cheat Hotkey while playing Blender 2, or press right at the Blender 2 preview screen. If you choose it from the Level Select menu screen, or press left at the Blender 1 level preview screen, it loads perfectly fine.

NOTE: I did not test all these levels, and make no guarantees that all of them are solvable.

Feel free to play these levels and do whatever you want with them (press F4 at the main menu to extract them from the NXP). My only two requests are that:
1. If you want to add more to my levels, you have to credit me.
2. You don't make videos of them (unless I give permission).

Have fun!
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