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Prince Jamie's Super Challenge Pack Set 1 Favourite Level Vote


Prince Jamie:
Because I'm working on Set 2, I would like your opinion on which 1 of my 15 levels from Set 1 you liked the most, you may reply on why if you wish.

Download: http://sta.sh/023augjywsxe
Note: SuperLemmini compatible only

Facts about each level:

Level 1: Introducing a new obstacle
As it says in the name, your introduced to a new obstacle. It has been used on other Lemming games by the community, but this is the first time it appeared on SuperLemmini

Level 2: One Way In, No Way Out
This shows off what the new obstacle is capable of

Level 3: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
This level has no Bashers to pump up the difficulty and to prove you don't need them for EVERYTHING

Level 4: Choose your Wall...
This was inspired by levels, which require grouping lemmings to bypass traps

Level 5: Sky Jungle
Probably the most original level name and design I've ever though up :thumbsup:

Level 6: Digging UPWARDS?!
This was based off an old level I made on Lemmings PSP

Level 7: Ascending the Buildings
This was a level I made on the original Lemmini years ago and originally had 1 Lemming instead of 100

Level 8: Special: Valkyrie No Densetsu
Inspired by the Special levels from the classic Lemmings for the Amiga, Sega Genesis and SNES

Level 9: Trapped in a Ice Box
This was based off Seafood Sarnie from Lemmings Revolution

Level 10: Chain Bridge
This level was testing Lemmings coming out the exit to the left, without using terrain. This level is NOT impossible, you need to time your bombers just right

Level 11: The Crystal Temple Trail
Look at the 3 gaps, they point out the 3 pyramids up ahead, only 1 has the exit, the other 2 are traps

Level 12: Let's split up
First time trying a level with 2 separate Lemmings

Level 13: Lem me your ears
This level was based of Lemmings for PS3 Taxing 10, it's a fun little puzzle

Level 14: Cat-like Reflexes
This is similar to "Let's split up" but you have to do it very quickly!

Level 15: Lemmings 25th Anniversary!!
This was based off the 1993 and 1994 levels on Holiday Lemmings '93 and '94

I've moved this to the "Lemmings Reviews" board as that's probably a more appropriate place for it. The "Level Packs" board is for actual pack release topics only, and at any rate has a "one topic per pack" rule.

If you'd prefer to lock / remove this topic and add the poll to your existing release topic for your set, that's fine too.

Prince Jamie:
thanks, I wasn't sure where to post this ??? but I know now ;)

No worries. As I mentioned to you - generally, the worst we're gonna do if you post something in the wrong place, is move it to the right place. :)


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