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Re: The London Bombs
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I don't know how Germany was involved in the first two world wars.

WW1: Damn contract with Austria forces us to start war because some Serbian thinks it's cool to kill Franz Ferdinand.
WW2: Damn Austrian comes, tells all guys with blond hairs und blue eyes are cool (he self had oily black hair) and starts war because a smarter dude got accepted at an art school. And because the biggest idiots have the most muscles it wasn't that hard to kill everyone who's against him.

So it wouldn't surprise me if Schwarzenegger is involved in WW3. xD

Nothing against Austria, it's just weird.

More worrisome to me are nations like North Korea and Iran because of their nuclear development.

Don't forget China. From what I hear there are just going mad in relation to law and other political stuff.


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Re: The London Bombs
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Mmm... This thread reminds me of a picture from a site called Furry Forest...