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NeoLemmix IRC Channel
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:04:39 am »
This is obsolete due to the general movement towards Discord instead of IRC. The channel may still exist, but I will not be managing it and will make no effort to keep the bot active.

So, since a lot of NeoLemmix discussion tended to occur in the #lix IRC channel, Simon contacted me suggesting I set up a dedicated NeoLemmix channel. And I felt this was a good idea, so I've now set one up:

#neolemmix on QuakeNet (same server as #lix)

If you already have an IRC client, just connect to then /join #neolemmix.

If you do not have one, consider getting one. There are several available for all major (and probably even non-major) operating systems, including Android, as well as plugins for many web browsers so that you don't need a seperate app; just use Google to help you find one that you like. Alternatively, you can use a web-based client, such as this one:

Feel free to stop by any time, whether you want to ask questions about NeoLemmix, discuss a possible bug, talk about your / other people's projects, or just hang out.

Channel logs are available at:

Just like with the forums, I'm not super-strict on rules there either. However - one thing I will stress - be sure to make topics in Bugs & Suggestions subforum for any bugs or suggestions. You can come to the channel to ask whether something might be a bug, or to discuss a possible suggestion, but please be sure to actually create a topic as well. This is simply because I am very likely to forget if it's only discussed in the channel, unless I implement it right away - which I often don't.
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