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I was playing the v29 extra levels player going through the PSP levels. Once I got to level 33 (Cagey Business), a lemming after getting on graphic beam on trap after building there it would fall straight off bar onto left side of trap. This makes this level unsolvable. The bar was not extended left far enough. In neolemmix this is not a problem, just in the v29 extra players obsolete one.

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I took a look and reproduced this, and was able to fix it.

The fix will be included in version V29A (unofficial), which includes some other fixes and updates, which I will be publishing on GitHub tomorrow.  (I'll drop a link here.)

What's strange is...  I opened the level up in the old Lemmix editor and it looked correct.  This is how the level is rendered in the Lemmix editor (version

Here is how it is rendered in the Lemmix player:
The platform above the trap is too far to the right, so Lemmings falling off of the left side are killed by the trap.

I scooted the platform to the left a bit and got the level working in the Lemmix player.  It is now solvable.

I've made the release.  There is a thread here and the binaries and source code can be found here.
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^ This issue arises from a detail of DOS workings that Lemmix did not accurately reproduce back when it was the main platform for custom content (which is also when the PSP remakes were originally created). In short, DOS physics require that object trigger areas have coordinates and sizes that are divisible by 4; and Lemmix restricted object X coordinates to multiples of 4 accordingly. However - what it should have been doing, and what my later builds of Lemmix are doing, is restricting object coordinates to multiples of 8. This is what DOS Lemmings actually does, for graphics-related reasons*, and since Lemmix's intent is to accurately replicate DOS, that's what I made it do here too. (For the record, object Y coordinates are not restricted. However, physics wise, the trigger area is moved up to the nearest multiple of 4 on the Y axis - which is a major cause of the "exit doesn't work unless buried slightly in terrain" issue often seen in DOS / Lemmix levels.)

* disclaimer: I don't know for sure that it's for graphics-related reasons, but it's highly probable based on various factors I do know about the DOS games.
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