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I'd just like to set down a few rules on these, mostly to avoid clutter:

1) For small packs (CustLemm-type packs), one topic per author.
2) For large packs (eg. official games, Lemmings Plus, cLemmings, GeoffLems, etc), a seperate topic for each pack is fine, but one topic per pack (eg. don't make one topic for Fun, another for Tricky, etc).
3) For obvious reasons, don't review your own levels. :P (You can however post in topics about your levels/packs if you aren't reviewing, for example, to provide image links or to comment on people's feedback.)
4) You may review two levels in a row if no one reviews the next level within 48 hours of you reviewing the first one. In no case should the same person review three or more levels in a row in the same topic.
5) However, feel free to review as many levels as you like at a time if they're in different topics.
6) Attaching an image of the level is generally considered preferable, but is not obligatory.
7) Don't start a topic for a review game of your own levels/packs. Let someone else start it if there's enough interest.
8) If someone has specifically asked that a review topic not be made for their levels (or certain levels of theirs), please respect this.
9) Most of all, have fun! :)

The general approach in these topics is to mention at least one good thing and one bad thing about the level you're reviewing.


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