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2013 list of game engines and editors
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:28:11 AM »
See also:
How to play old Lemmings on a modern PC
How to play and create custom levels

This topic introduces the various options to play and design custom levels for the various lemmings games.

Lemmings (L1), Oh No More Lemmings (ONML)

To play DMA Design's L1 and ONML levels with the exact DOS Lemmings physics, get Lemmix players, or play the DOS games in DOSBox.

To edit and play levels in the old L1 level format, use Eric's Lemmix editor: See .lvl and .dat: How to play and edit.

Today, most level designers work with NeoLemmix. The second-most popular engine is Lix. We recommend to design levels for these games instead of in the .lvl/.dat format. See: How to play and create custom levels in NeoLemmix and Lix.

Games with physics very similar to DOS Lemmings


This is the engine of Lemmix taken and a lot of the glitches from the original games fixed, and topped up with new features like 8 new skills. All the Lemmix Players are available in NeoLemmix form, as is Flexi, allowing you to make use of these new features in your custom level sets. Comes with NeoLemmixEditor to support all those new features, which also features a playtest mode to test a single level by running CustLemmix/NeoCustLemmix if provided.
Note: Custom levels from the level database might not be solvable in NeoLemmix.
Dedicated subforum:
The Lemmix Players and NeoLemmix Players available on this website run out of the box and allow you to play the original Lemmings 1 games.


Lix is an open-source lemmings clone with networked multiplayer support (up to 8 players), a few new skills, savestates, framestepping, replays, and a focus on customizability and user friendliness. It comes with new graphics and over 500 community-created levels. Lix's level editor a lot easier to use than Lemmix, but it only loads and saves its own format (Lix .txt).

Dedicated subforum:
IRC Channel: #lix on


Lemmini is a lemmings clone that supports custom graphics and music. It has its own level format (.ini) but also supports .dat and .lvl  and comes with the ability to load and save replays.
Note: .dat and .lvl levels that use behaviour specific to Lemmix/CustLemm might not be solvable in Lemmini.


Setup: Obtain WinLemm one way or another, when you first start Lemmini it should ask you for the path where WinLemm is located. It will then compile some data and after a while you're ready to go.
Setting up Lemmix to edit .ini levels: Edit [style_4] in LemmixStyles.ini to have CommonPath point to the Lemmini path, and follow the same procedure described in the Lemmix section.


A version of Lemmini with physics closer to the original Amiga physics, a lot of bugs fixed and some new features. Includes most official levels. Custom level packs/sets made for the original Lemmini might not be solvable in SuperLemmini due to the physics changes.
Dedicated subforum:


Editor only.


Rarely used anymore, but comes with an editor and supports custom graphics, custom music and level descriptions and hints. A batch of excellent levels have been made for this, however the cheapo level format is only supported by Cheapo itself.
Download link and some levels and styles (definitely not all):
Some Cheapo content can be converted to NeoLemmix:

Lemmings 2

L2Player: An in-development (as of early 2022) Lemmings 2 clone.

Now has a usable level editor courtesy of GuyPerfect. Together with L2STAT turned into L2Suite for more convenience.

L2Suite: While it can be used with PCL2ED, I strongly recommend getting lgl2 as the main level editor. The only advantage of PCL2ED over lgl2 is that it displays the graphics of certain special objects (e.g. Sports steam).
lgl2 download:
lgl2 instructions:

L2 Level topic:

L2 Level editor for Amiga:

Lemmings Chronicles/All New World of Lemmings

Mindless and kieranmillar wrote lem3edit, an editor for Lemmings Chronicles.

Egyptian levels by Clam Spammer (dead link)

Lemmings Revolution

GuyPerfect created a patch to make Lemmings revolution run smoothly in Win7. Also fixes graphics issues in WinXP.


Lemmings 3D

Loap: An in-development (as of early 2022) Lemmings 3D clone.

Some research:
Level and graphics editor (2019):
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Re: 2013 list of game engines and editors
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 12:58:46 AM »
the link to Clam's L3 pack is dead. Also I'm not certain [only because I haven't looked at what I downloaded yet] but the link to the editor (L3 editor) may not be accurate?

thanks very much for maintaining this thread!
everything by me:

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