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L++: Graphics Replacement
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:19:47 PM »
I am working on doing the graphics replacement for L++. I think I will probably end up only doing replacement for L1, and I will distribute a .zip package, when I'm done with all 9 Original sets:
0-Dirt, 1-Hell, 2-Pastel, 3-Pillar, 4-Crystal, 5-Brick, 6-Rock, 7-Snow,
and 8-Bubble. I have no intention of including 9-Xmas, unless there is popular demand, since it is made mostly of parts from 7-Snow.

Currently, 0-Dirt, 1-Hell, 2-Pastel, and 7-Snow are finished. 3-Pillar is almost finished.

If anyone has any design ideas for any of the incomplete sets, I would love to see them. The only requirements for the design is:
1) it needs to stay true to the original graphic, while still having a different look, and
2) the new design needs to be able to stay within the mask of the original.

I'm in the IRC channel most of the time, so if you'd like to collaborate with me on ideas you have, drop in. I'd love to hear from you.

*EDIT*: Here is a link for the .zip pack of the original graphics, as BMP, that Simon mentions in the 'Graphics' section of the L++ site:

(This post is duplicated on the main L++ website, I posted it here as well b/c I didn't know if i'd reach as many people there.)