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Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: December 28, 2014, 12:30:24 am »
I attempted a fix to Getting Stuck in a cave using your suggestion. (attached below)
I sent a message to Gronkling about the fix.

I don't have any ideas on fixing Utopia right now. Do you find this level easier than it's position?
Maybe a fix is not necessary for this level: one solution use a trick, the other use a pixel precise idea in the layout. These two solutions have the same complexity.
If you know the trick with blocker and digger, maybe the level is a little easier. The things we have to do on the left part of the map are pretty obvious (for an armageddon rating player), so the hard part is the begining of the level.
I think the level is well positioned.

Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:12:42 pm »
Two more backroutes.
I watch IchoTol0t solution, and see, sadly, that I'm not right :'(

On Getting Stuck in a Cave, the backroute is
I see on Gronkling's youtube channel  there is an older version of the level, where the steel is moved a little on the left : In this older version, my solution don't work. But I prefer the current version of the level, because the trick with the steel creates possibilities of thinking in a wrong way.
To prevent this backroute, I suggest removing a slight piece of ground where my miner works. Thus, the mining is faster (so the miner reaches to early the exit : the basher has not yet finish his job). See attachment (red=ground to remove), it's just a suggestion.

On Utopia a blocker can be saved :
I learnt that a digger can free a blocker when seeing the intended solution ( )... I'm not sure I understand how that trick work.

Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:41:43 pm »

Some more backroutes or curious things.

  • On Carnage 27 - Watch Ye Step!  There is a backroute: I can save a digger. But I don't know if you think this solution use an irregular trick.
    In the video, I use the digger because I didn't realise a builder was enough to deal with the turn around. And by the way, the traps effect area looks curious here (lemmini issue?).
  • On Carnage 29 - Wayfaerer, bashing just above the rock trap makes a great and easy path.
  • On Carnage 30 - Pipe dream , I found a messy solution. Backroute? Then I checked IchoTol0t playlist and discover the clean solution :)

Lemmings Main / Re: Community Request: Find Backroutes!
« on: November 30, 2014, 10:24:36 pm »
could I see your intended solution to Rocky Road?
I made some alterations to remove the easy solutions but I was just assuming what the real solution was.

Attached :) It's juste the idea of bashing behind a blocker.
On the replays of this topic, the obvious backroute is bombing near the trap, to go down directly. 

Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: November 30, 2014, 11:10:23 am »
others under consideration; (for inclusion or Removal)
Dr. Lemmingood - t3tesla; if Nepster's second solution is enforced this would make a good tutorial style level for those two tricks
Lemmings in a Situation - t3tesla; not sure if I should enforce one particular solution over another.
Ice Ice Lemming - t3tesla; same comment as above.

Thanks for considering these levels ;)
On "Community Request: Find Backroutes!" topic (, I answer some of your questions.
Feel free to change the levels to remove backroute if you want add them into the pack.
You can also change the titles ;-)

Lemmings Main / Re: Community Request: Find Backroutes!
« on: November 30, 2014, 11:02:38 am »
Quote from: möbius
I did contact t3tesla btw, but with the PM email notification system being down who knows if/when he'll realize it.
Sorry guys, I see the PM a bit late :D I checked your replays.
These levels were created a long time ago (and some use glitches of the original lemmings). I remember some intended solution. Some of these levels looks very easy now.

Lemming in a situation:
Quote from: spoilers highlight to read
On my original idea, a lemmings of the top-right hatch has to help lemmings from the left hatch. Nepster solution use that. But maybe there is backroutes.

Dangerzone: Nepster shows the intended solution. Attached with his message

Suicidal Tendencies: Yes, you save a climber and broke the level. On the intended solution, one lemmings from the right and one lemmings from the left climb the ice wall. But 2 climbers is clearly useless, one is enought.

Lot's of backroutes here...

There's madness in the method:
Quote from: möbius
Madness in the method can be adapted to work in Lemmini. The climber glitch isn't strictly necessary. and I will cause I love this level as well. (I'm loving like every level in this pack (except the glitchy ones). The trick used here is again, simple but elegant and difficult to see. I'll fix the steel as well.
Yes, it dont works on lemini, and you can adapt the level. The steel is missing, you'r right.

Dr. Lemminggood: 
Quote from: spoilers highlight to read
The solution "t3tesla - 7 - Dr Lemminggood_2.lrb" with 3 builders making a wall is the intended.

This corrosion: "Only works in Lemmix, where it can be solved with only 3 skills.". Yes, that's it!

A towering problem:
Quote from: spoilers highlight to read
Yes, it's the nuke glitch.
... But it only works on the original version of the game.

Ice ice lemmings:
Intended solution: just use the direct drop glitches. Good job, you found other solutions with the short time given ;-)

Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: November 05, 2014, 05:37:50 pm »
-How many people are in favor of the bonus rating?

Bonus rating is a nice idea.
When I can't solve a level, I like to know if I have to search again a 'normal' solution, with tools I already know.
It's painful when I search, stuck, give up, and note that the solution is based on an 'irregular' trick.
With the bonus rating, I know I have to explore all the specificities of the game, I have to search clues in the "Glitches in Lemmings/Lemini" topic,...

The problem is how can you define what is a "regular trick" and what is an "irregular trick" ;-)

Levels for other engines / Re: Revenge of the Lemmings!
« on: October 24, 2014, 11:24:30 am »
Hi there,
I'm curently playing this amazing pack.
I found some backroutes for some levels. I have uploaded videos on youtube if you don't use lemmini replays.

Frenzy 18 - Patience, Young Grasshopper
As möbius said, this level has multiple solutions
This one is a simple and straight way.

Frenzy 27 - Nemesis
The right part of the level is useless...

Carnage 18 - Oil Refinery
My solution looks too simple for carnage rating and save a digger...

Carnage 19 - Changing of the Guards
My solution looks dirty : digging in the water :/
Maybe the intended solution was attached by Akseli here

Carnage 25 - Dead's Head
100% is possible.

For Carnage 22 - The French Connection, I dont know if I have the intended solution...
Working near the traps is messy, I don't like my solution.

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