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2ccexplore: Thanks a lot for the feedback!
You absolutely right about button to select level from in-game pause and having in-game help - this is something that were asked by several other users - and this is something that we are going to include in one of the next version.

About difference in skills - yes this is not 100% copy of lemmings  - we used idea in general, but with some chnages either in logic, physics and so on.
And the same reason - why we can't simple reduce spee do limpich : if we simple reduce game speed, we'll have to rebelance and recheck all 40 levels. Some levels has really difficult condition to achieve all 5 starts - and time to complete the level - give you at least 1 star.. it means that after changing moving speed we'll not able to complte some levels in time. So we are going to leave speed as is.
"It's not a bug. It's a feature" ;)

2namida: Thanks for the feedback. I already answer about movement speed, sorry but nothing to do with it.

2All: Thasnks for you feedback and playing. We'll continue work on the project and we hope to make next 20 levels ;)

:lem-mindblown: Don't hesitate with your feedback :-)

for iOS:1.3
for Android: 1.11

What's New in Version 1.3
Fix issues.
Correct level's balance.


for Android 1.9
for iOS:1.0.1

Update for Android 1.4

2015.02.15 Update for Android 1.2=> 1.3

I would like an explanation of why the Android version of the game requests for the following permissions:

Thanks a lot for the reasonable feedback!
Most of permissions you note we requested by advertising library! And you right it's inacceptable for most of games!
We party solve this problem and remove most of those permissions in new version 1.2 released today.

Master Of Limpich (Free) - inspired by Lemmings

Hello, if you have feedback or advice please feel free to share your ideas!

Gameplay Video:


iOS(iPhone, iPad):





The style of the game is arcade game, a puzzle with simple rules and difficult tasks. The game`s purpose is rather easy: your squad should achieve destination and try to survive at the same time. Methods and techniques depend on you. The members of the squad will ALWAYS follow your orders unquestioningly. You`ll meet different tasks: from checking your savvy to the places you should demonstrate your skills.You will discover the kind of these fascinating tasks by yourself.

Game`s features:
You will see fourty levels divided to four disricts (forest, desert,land and factory).
For successful passing of the level you need only one limpych.
But for getting the maximum number of points you should have all the limpyches. That`s why you need to use all possible ingenuity and agility.

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