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Okay well if that's the way the majority feel about the Lemmings series then that's okay. I remember GigaLem commented once that he wanted a hack of Lemmings on the Snes and Mega Drive and i'm with him, I prefer console gaming over PC gaming and i'm one who prefers playing Lemmings with a controller in hand and i've always dreamed of one day seeing the Mega Drive port get a big make over with increased rom size with lots of edits. I always wondered why it was never done before and why no one has ever attempted it, I guess you explained it for me.

By the way, for Tricky 17 I was referencing the Master System port with that edit where in that port it is spelt ''Diet Lemmingade'' so I copied that one, seeing how the 8-bit port is closer to the Amiga original with level names I naturally assumed it was ''Lemmingade'' in the Amiga original.

Maybe I can shed some new light on this topic.

If you really love the Mega Drive version of Lemmings so much I have a rom that impoves a few things in the original game.

Okay I just released a (bug fix version) of Lemmings today on the Sega Mega Drive. I hacked into the rom using a hex editor and I corrected alot of the typos that the game has in it's level titles aswell as in the ending credits.

I'll go through them for you:

1. Level 4 of Tricky is no longer called ''The Ascending Pillar Scenario'' it is now called ''Been There, Seen It, Done It.''

2. Level 16 of Tricky the level title is no longer spelt ''Lovely Jubilee'' it is now spelt ''Luvly Jubly''

3. Level 17 of Tricky the level title had a typo in which it was called ''Diet Lemmingaid'' it is now spelt ''Diet Lemmingade''

4. Level 16 of Taxing is no longer called ''Umbrella Land'' it is now called ''Mary Poppin's Land''

5. Level 20 of Mayhem used incorrect American English for the title name in which it was called ''No Added Colors Or Lemmings'' it is now called ''No Added Colours Or Lemmings''. In PAL regions (especially Europe) they use the U in alot of words. Neighbour, Colour, Honour, etc.

6. I fixed the typo in the header in the credits to now say ''GRAPHICS DESIGNERS'' it used to be spelt ''GRAPICHS DESIGNERS''.

7. Lastly I put my name in the ending credits just before the SEGA logo washes up on screen.

Wanna play it?


NOTE: This rom will only work in 50Hz, booting it in 60Hz will result in flashes during the actual levels, that is not down to me, the original European rom featured this bug in it. You see the Lemmings (E) rom on the Mega Drive is fully optimised in both audio, visuals and gameplay for the 50Hz refresh rate, playing it on a NTSC system results in a flashing and glitchy screen when playing in a level.

This rom will play perfectly on a PAL SEGA Mega Drive model 1 console aswell as the Analogue Mega SG console. I have tested it on those consoles so I can confirm. I haven't tested on emulators but if it works on real hardware it's pretty much going to work on emulators.

As a bonus if you got an EverDrive or a Game Genie, put this code in the RAW section and you'll get a hidden sound test: 000698:1546 (PAL version only). Just go to Password to get to the sound test.

The only typo I left unchanged was level 10 of Fun: ''5 Miles If You Love Lemmings'' I truly believe that this is not a mistake and that it was intentionally spelt that way, if it was a mistake wouldn't it be spelt ''5 Mile If You Love Lemmings'' considering the 5 is very similar to an S.

Anyway i'm hoping my rom will one day open a gate into more experienced hackers and editors coming forward and learning the code so we can get new levels added into the already existing Mega Drive rom of Lemmings or maybe just to have some levels swapped out in exchange for a few new ones one day? Or maybe even music edits and different art and things like that. I know almost nothing about rom hacking 16-bit Mega Drive/Genesis games and I was able to make a few small changes so who knows? If an ordinary yahoo like me can do something with this game, anyone else can. What rom hackers do with the Sonic The Hedgehog series is what i'd love to see happen with Lemmings on the Mega Drive. :thumbsup:

Lemmings Main / Re: SEGA Master System Beta Version
« on: December 21, 2018, 11:29:01 PM »
Interesting, is that level completely taken out in the final version, or still included somewhere but modified?  Are there other levels in the beta that didn't make the final cut?

It feels like the people who did the porting of the level layout may not have any references to the actual solutions of the original.  In case of this level, in the original version the path taken by the lemmings somewhat unusually relies on some terrain subtleties that aren't apparent at first glance, if you have never played the level or be shown the solution.  So I guess it's not too surprising that their porting (especially considering the beta status so yes, some levels might not even have been playtested yet) missed those subtleties and broke the level as a result.

There's a list of codes for SMS Lemmings on GameFAQs if you want to skip over that level to 25.

Level 24 Taxing was fixed in the final and the terrain was altered slightly to make the level easier as did Sega Four.

On a brighter note, when the Lemming pulls the SEGA logo across the screen in the opening intro hold down buttons 1 & 2 and scroll your thumb around the direction button left to right, once you hear a click you have access to any level in the game and yes, this works in the beta version aswell so skipping level 24 is possible but pointless in my eyes because knowing there's a level that isn't able to be completed wrecks the flow of the game for me.

Lemmings Main / SEGA Master System Beta Version
« on: December 14, 2018, 09:06:35 AM »
I just want to make it clear that this version of Lemmings on the Master System (rom submission 2) cannot be completed. I breezed through it until I encountered level 24 of Taxing called ''Take A Running Jump'' which asks for 90% to be saved and only gives you 20 bridges to select, the exit is below a huge pit and there is no way to get down there without a digger, floater or a bomber at least.

Sega Four Level 21 of Taxing can indeed be completed as discovered originally by Pooty, it has extremely low video memory so the less terrain you dig and bash through the better.

After I found out that level 24 of Taxing cannot be completed I gave up playing on any further. I know they're only testing levels but you would think that they would all at least be able to be completed one way or another.;P

Lemmings Main / Re: Beast of a Level music from Master System version?! O_O
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:56:34 AM »
Hah, ha, you're talking about my april fools video? It was an april fools joke and it seems to have fooled all of you, or at least got you thinking.

Lemmings Main / Re: Your favorite Lemmings song(s)?
« on: September 30, 2017, 02:40:05 AM »
My favourite has always been and still is the Mega Drive version of ''Enjoy The Show'' It was the only track in the entire soundtrack to use a mandolin.:thumbsup:

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Re: Sonic megamix
« on: February 12, 2012, 10:13:03 AM »
It would've been nice if the developers of Sonic Megamix ported one or two music tracks from the SEGA Mega Drive version of Lemmings into it, since the music of that version is very (Sonic sounding) to begin with. Of all the games to pick music tracks from and they leave out one of the Mega Drive's greatest soundtracks.

It's mind baffling....? ???

Lemmings would make a great mix with Sonic.

Lemmings Main / Re: Lemmings music: identifying the songs they are based on
« on: December 02, 2011, 12:59:15 AM »

Though in the case of Lemmings, it's kinda funny when you consider that Tim didn't exactly credit Tchaikovsky or the other composers that he borrowed the non-copyrighted tunes from either, so I guess you can argue the Japanese were simply following suit.  ;P  Kinda sux though that they even neglected crediting some of the developers involved with the ports.


That said, I'm not sure it's standard practice for a port to credit individuals on the original game.  Typically they would mention maybe the whole company (ie. DMA) who made the original version, or the publisher they bought the porting rights from.  And in some cases they may even credit one or two key game designers from the original, but I think it's less common to individually credit everyone from the original.  Of course it depends on how much they want to devote to credits.  I'm sure with certain games that have much longer credit rolls, you are likely to see more crediting given.

Thats true about Tim Wright, he's just as bad as the Japanese, although thats most likely DMA's fault as a whole just like Sunsoft and not so much the individual involved, but i'm glad he got away with the Doggie song if it really was copyrighted around the time of the original 1991 game on the Amiga because if he didn't put it in, chances are the others wouldn't have included that song in the other Lemmings ports. But looking back at older generations of video games like say the third generation of NES & Master System, almost all of those old games have no ending credits when the player happens to reach the end of the game, usually just get greeted with a ''The End'' or ''Game Over''. Fast-forward to today's generation of video games and you'll notice that alot more credit and detail is given in games.

Matt Furniss on the SEGA Master System had a very noticable sound on the games he worked on, you could always tell it was him who did the music conversion in a Master System game as he would always use different sounds not heard often on the Master System when compared to the many hundreds of other Master System games that used the same white noise sound for drums and the same square wave octaves. Matt always threw in the bassey sawtooth wave here and there for certain tracks making them sound more like the NES in exchange for giving up the white noise sound. Anyway the point i'm getting at is that I knew all along that Matt Furniss was responsible for the Master System Lemmings soundtrack and I remember feeling pissed off after finally finishing the game and discovering that his name wasn't mentioned in the 4 second credit screen. Why? He's mentioned in Back To The Future III, Alien 3, Prince Of Persia, Chuck Rock and many other Master System audio conversion games but not Lemmings when Lemmings has to be his greatest 8-bit work on that console. 18 Tracks all wonderfully arranged, well almost apart from Level 5's theme giving me a headache.

The point is that it would have been great to see credit given where credit is due in the older games. As ccexplore posted -  ''Kinda sux though that they even neglected crediting some of the developers involved with the ports''. Indeed it does.

Lemmings Main / Re: Lemmings music: identifying the songs they are based on
« on: December 01, 2011, 03:25:41 PM »

If they're not credited, that's Sunsoft's fault, then. They should be. IIRC from the mega drive version's credits, they only credited the staff at Sunsoft who made that particular version, and not the staff at DMA who made the original game – which I found a little bit odd.

How much is that doggie in the window? was written in 1952, so it very much was in copyright when Lemmings was made in 1991, if the rule is 50 years.

and yeah, my bad ;P

I agree with you here, Sunsoft just like many Japanese gaming publishers and companies are god-awful at crediting and giving proper credit where credit is due. The Mega Drive version credits Hirohiko Takayama as the only music composer through out the whole game when he was only the arranger of the Mega Drive-Genesis soundtrack, Tsukamoto was the guy that actually programmed all the 16-bit FM and PSG synths into the game while the Master System version didn't even bother to credit anybody, not even the guy who did the 8-bit Master System conversions = Matt Furniss. His name is completely absent from the game aswell as the 2 or 3 other Probe developers who made the 8-bit Lemmings game (Mark Knowles, Dominic Wood etc). The SNES version is also guilty of wrongful credit of musical composition. In my ears, Hirohiko Takayama is a genius for his arrangements of the tunes in the Mega Drive soundtrack but even I know he never actually composed any of the pieces.

And as for the Doggie song (Tim 8 or whatever) Yes, very true about the 50 year copyright thing when the original Lemmings game was made but I was refering to sometime later around 2008-2009 when the song was out of copyright, now it has been bought again. Lol even the sing-song ''Happy Birthday'' is copyrighted these days.

Lemmings Main / Re: Lemmings music: identifying the songs they are based on
« on: November 30, 2011, 01:15:12 PM »
The SEGA Master System version has the most accurate music order as every song gets to be heard in each of the 4 modes and a part from 4 music tracks the rest are repeated twice in each mode.

From what i've personally discovered and learned about the Lemmings songs*

Levels 1 & 18 Can Can (Orpheus In The Underworld) composed by Offenbach
Levels 2 & 19 Pachelbel's Canon In D Major composed by Johann Pachelbel
Levels 3 & 20 (Tailor Made For Blockers) unknown composer
Levels 4 & 21 (Miners And Climbers) unknown composer
Levels 5 & 22 Dance Of The Four Little Swans composed by Tchaikovsky
Levels 6 & 23 Puggs In Space Demo Track By Tim Wright
Levels 7 & 24 (The Ascending Pillar Scenario Disco-Been There, Seen It, Done It,) unknown composer
Levels 8 & 25 How Much Is That Doggie In The Window composed by Bob Merrill in 1952 sung by Patti Page
Levels 9 & 26 Dance Of The Reed Flutes (from the Nutcracker Suite) composed by Tchaikovsky
Levels 10 & 27 (Smile If You Love Lemmings) unknown composer
Levels 11 & 28 Rondo Alla Turca composed by Mozart
Levels 12 & 29 London Bridge Is Falling Down (first published in 1744) unknown composer
Levels 13 & 30 (We All Fall Down) composer unidentified although it may be an original composition by Matt Furniss 1992
Level 14 Miniature Overture (also from the Nutcracker Suite) by Tchaikovsky
Level 15 Scotland The Brave unknown composer

Level 16 She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain - song is originally american and was first sung in the late 1800's by railworker gangs, it is a derivation of a Negro spiritual known as "When the Chariot Comes". unknown composer

Level 17 My Old Man Said Follow The Van composed by Fred W. Leigh and Charles Collins song made popular by Marie Lloyd.

Lemmings Title Theme. unknown composer although it may be an original composition by Matt Furniss 1992

Other Songs On The Mega Drive Version:

Level 18 Sunsoft - Sunsoft Special = Overworld, Hebereke / Ufouria Theme Composed By Naoki Kodaka, Nobuyuki Hara, Shinichi Seya 1991

Mega Drive Ending Theme - March Of The Mods composed by Tony Carr :)

Happy now finlay? No spelling errors.

I'll just add that if Tim Wright and Brian Johnston did compose the ''unknown composer'' tracks, then they're not credited in the SEGA Master System and SEGA Mega Drive versions of Lemmings which is the two versions I personally grew up on so thats why I marked them as unknown. And I believe the Doggie song was out of copyright for a while as old songs tend to go out of copyright after 50 years or so but someone or some music publishing company bought the rights to the song again recently.

And since you like to nitpick on everything I post i'll throw one back at you. It's neither Johnson or Johnstone, it's (Johnston).

Lemmings Main / Re: Favourite Lemmings Music Version
« on: August 20, 2011, 07:59:20 AM »
Hey have you ever wondered what Lemmings would feel like playing it with the original version of ''How Much Is That Doggie In The Window''?

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window was composed by Bob Merrill in 1952 and sung by Patti Page. It's played to the Mega Drive port of Lemmings perfectly synchronised. Once again the song is safe to post and does not infringe copyright. :)

Lemmings/Patti Page How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Lemmings Main / Re: Favourite Lemmings Music Version
« on: August 20, 2011, 07:47:13 AM »
Here is an example of putting a Lemmings song to good use.

This video features the Mega Drive version of ''How Much Is That Doggie In The Window'' (My favourite version)

The video shows short clips taken from the BBC's 1990 comedy sitcom ''Keeping Up Appearances'' where you see Onsolw's dog barking at Hyacinth in the window of the car. This content is entirely safe to post and does not infringe copyright, it was uploaded to Youtube along time ago.  8)

The Dog In The Window - Keeping Up Appearances

Lemmings Main / Re: Favourite Lemmings Music Version
« on: August 17, 2011, 08:45:31 AM »
Hmmm... I actually think the one I posted was better ''Enjoy The Show'' by Zonic, because not only is it my favourite Lemmings song but it's also uploaded in higher quality sound. Miners And Climbers is just as good really, I can't hear anything wrong with her vocal range in either song and I can't find anything to criticize about either but I prefer ''Enjoy The Show''.

The other thing I noticed is that she spelt the title wrong ''Minors And Climbers'' i'm pretty sure there's meant to be an e in Miners.

And as for the version of ''Enjoy The Show'' that she recorded on her webcam, I think that was a just a demo recording which explains why it sounds like something from American Idol. The one I posted above was the full album version. :)

Lemmings Main / Re: Favourite Lemmings Music Version
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:45:59 PM »
I apologize too for not explaining about the first video in greater detail. The last thing I want to do is argue on this forum with the many other brilliant minds and masters of Lemmings such as yourselves over posted videos. It's just that your first post Finlay really caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting such a strong negative reaction but anyway.

I apologize to Finlay and ccexplore aswell as the administrators of this site for any inconvenience caused. From now on when I post a video I will be sure to give a full description about it's content.

Happy Gaming :thumbsup:

Tech & Research / Hidden Levels In The SEGA Mega Drive Port Of Lemmings
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:29:01 PM »
Has anyone else ever seen or come across these two levels before in the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis) version of Lemmings ???

These two levels are NOT hacked levels from rom hackers or level editors that have been added in, these two very easy levels are actually hidden in the official finished game and were somehow left in there when it was finished. These levels are always there in the game and the only way to access them is to cause the cartridge to glitch or freeze, once the screen is frozen solid you then press the reset button on the Mega Drive console to access the title screen again, after that you go into the FUN mode and levels 31 & 32 are added onto the usual 30. Typing in the passwords for these two levels on the password screen will not work and the message ''WRONG CODE'' will show on the screen as these levels were not programmed into the game normally for play but left in the game as glitched levels or beta testing levels, so it makes sense why the passwords won't work. At the end of the second level when it says ''your password for level 33'' there is no level 33 as that is also a glitch. I have accessed these two levels many times and found them by accident one day when I was a kid accidently bumping the cartridge.

I'm exercising my knowledge away from the music of Lemmings this time. I thought this might interest some of you

This was played by me on an original PAL 50Hz SEGA Mega Drive model 1 console. Footage was not captured by any emulator.

Hidden Secret Levels In Lemmings SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)

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