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Lix Main / Feature idea: NPC Lix
« on: April 28, 2021, 12:57:27 PM »
While my body refused to go to sleep last night, I at least had a thought for something that might be cool to add to Lix; the ability to add a hatch(es) that spawn non-factioned Lix (Lix that you can't assign skills to, but otherwise act as normal Lix in terms of scoring).

In singleplayer, this allows adding a hatch that you need to figure out how to get to/save without being able to directly affect them. Could potentially add some interesting puzzles.

In multiplayer, you could create honeypot hatches that players can race/fight to get access to, and have to figure out how to get to their exit.

Things to consider: what's the best way to differentiate them visually? Singleplayer might be easier, as just a color change could suffice, but in multiplayer this becomes more complex since there are already multiple colors. Having some other visual identifier other than color would also be good for cases like colorblindness. Maybe have a sprite difference, like a letter on their shirt or mussy hair to indicate they're 'lazy' Lix?

Considered posting on the GitHub, but figured it'd be good to join here for more visibility so others might be able to weigh in.

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