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Forum Games / Battleship Free-For-All
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:22:37 pm »
Back when I was active in the DROD forums I ran a multiplayer Battleships game once in a while.  Since I am now active over here I thought I would see if there was enough interest to play a game at this forum.

Battleship game rules:
- I will not play, instead I am the moderator.
- Everyone will have their ships on a 15x15 grid. Opposing ships may touch but will never overlap.
- All the ships are three-tile length ships. I already have a grid with 30 of these ships spread out at random. Which ones a player will get is decided at random.
- The number each player gets will be determined as follows: 5 players=5 ships; 6-7 players=4 ships; 8-10 players=3 ships; 11-15 players=2 ships.
- Five players is the minimum. If more than 15 people sign up then I will draw a larger grid; a 20x20 grid for up to 25 people or a 25x25 grid for up to 40 people.
- At the beginning of the game I will send each player a PM stating where their ships are located on the grid.
- Each round will take two stages:
--- Stage 1: Each player sends me a PM specifying coordinates of the squares they want to attack, 3 squares per player per round. The number of shots may increase as players are eliminated. There will be a time limit for players to make their submissions.
--- Stage 2: I will post a composite list or image of all the shots and whether the shots were hits or misses. I will then announce the beginning of the next round.
- A player will be active as long as he has at least one ship still afloat. As soon as all of a players ships are sunk he is eliminated.
- If a player misses a submission deadline, then that person's shots will be chosen by a random number generator. The RNG does not care if a shot has already been called or if you hit yourself.
- If a player misses two or more consecutive deadlines, then only one random shot is made for that round.
- I will be tracking the game's progress using a spreadsheet made for that purpose.
- One Shot at a Time Rule:
--- This rule will only come into play once there are two or three players remaining.
--- The rule is I will check for eliminated players after each person's first shot, then again for the second shot, and then again for the third shot. Effectively three one shot rounds will play out.
--- Players still send all three of their shots at once for the round.

I will wait a week to see how many people are interested and if any questions come up.  If I see enough interest then the game will start on October 14th.

Levels for v10 or older / My level pack
« on: September 14, 2015, 01:27:35 am »
My first level pack!  Well, at least a pack I am comfortable showing you guys ;)  Before I go submitting this to the database I want some feedback.  My entry from official contest #6 (Safe Descent) is in here too.

So far I have 18 levels in this pack, all inspired by various levels in Lemmings.  The pack is divided into three ranks, 'Zero', 'One', and 'Two'.  The names indicate how many of the eight new skills appear in a level within that rank.

I plan to add a fourth rank using the zombie gimmick.  Those levels are still under construction.  These are going in my second pack.

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