Author Topic: Lemmings in Weirdyland by weirdybeardy (Superlemmini(Too))  (Read 3448 times)

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Here is another Pack for Superlemmini(SuperlemminiToo)

It's weirdbeardy's pack called Lemmings in Weirdyland.

I got the levels from the Lemmings Level Data base.

Matched the levels to NL's version as some had more lenient skillsets in the database version. also some had more lenient time so I matched the time also to NL's. Also did some steel fixes using the 1.43n-c editor.

Also put the NL's .ogg music in the pack so now it plays weirdybeardy choice of level music.

Just download the .rar file from my dropbox and extract to the Superlemmini main directory

It includes the levels, music and replays.