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Tweaker with small skill icons
« on: January 18, 2023, 10:38:59 PM »

I've attached an image of how the tweaker will look in Lix 0.10.5.

(Introduction: The Lix tweaker is similar to the replay editor of NeoLemmix. It's an optional feature, you never have to use it. You can tweak your skill assignments here: Shift single assignments forward/backward in time. For your smaller mistakes, such tweaking can be faster than going back in time and re-record a part of your solution. To access the tweaker, click the filmstrip icon in Lix's skill planel.)

The tweaker will show small skill icons in 0.10.5. There are two versions of each icon, one for a left-forced assignment and one for a right-forced assignment. Unforced assignments use the right-facing skill icon by default.

There is a second image attached with all the small skill icons. The two rows are identical.

It's even conceivable to write all assignments whatsoever like a forced assignment into the replay. Then your directional-force keys will merely be for filtering correct-facing lix while you hover over lix, not for the decision of whether you generate a forcing assignment or an unforced one.

Lix 0.10.4 wrote the first three letters of the skill, e.g., Bui or Jum. That made the tweaker look like a software debugger. :8:()[: And I had to put a little arrow next to the three letters to show left/right-forcing assignments.

-- Simon