Author Topic: Lemmings Forums Level Contest #25 - Results  (Read 1186 times)

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Lemmings Forums Level Contest #25 - Results
« on: July 07, 2022, 07:02:42 PM »
Ladies and gentleman, we've got our final results :)

The winning level is:

Armani's "Insert Coin, Choose Lemming"

Congratulations to Armani for winning the contest! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to a random guy named IchoTolot for reaching the 2nd place with:

IchoTolot's "Decent Default Design"

Choice for the prize for the first place is either:

- a month's advertising on the forum's news ticker
- picking the next contest's rules
- US $5.00 (PayPal would be the easiest here I think).