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Re: Level of the Year 2020: Playing Phase
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Hello Gigalem/Nessy,

I have solved the four Festival Millas 2020 levels that were nominated for LOTY2020. Replays attached.

GigaLem and Nessy 1 - Ayearinruin Wow, this one looks quite intimidating and difficult. Still, I persevered and was finally able to solve it after much struggling. It looks open-ended from the skillset, but it's not! Ended up using all the skills save for a few climbers.

GigaLem and Nessy 2 - mircaleonianave Nowhere near as difficult as the previous level, but it's still somewhat challenging. Probably my favorite level in this set. I think I did a few parts unintended, especially one of the stacker usages. Probably slightly overcomplicated the solution as well.

GigaLem and Nessy 3 - All the Right Moves The biggest backroute ever :P Surely it's not supposed to be THIS easy, considering these levels come from the final two ranks of Festival Millas 2020. Didn't use any shimmiers.

GigaLem and Nessy 4 - Send us an angel This one was quite a difficult one. In my unsuccessful attempts, I kept trying things and kept being a skill short. Seems like my solution is mostly intended, as I checked the replay after I solved this level. The only difference is because of the way I used the platformer I was able to save everyone rather than lose 1 :P Thus, blocker leftover. However, I must say that the miner/digger are super precise. Then again, since it's in the most difficult rank of the pack, perhaps that's to be expected.

Overall, nice job with these 4 levels and I definitely need to take a look at Festival Millas 2020 sometime. I still need to go through Festival Millas 2018 and FM2019 themselves, though ;) - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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