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Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« on: August 20, 2020, 05:44:42 AM »
Ok, For anybody that's played Pimolems for Lemmini, It's now for Superlemmini. Now you can play it with untimed bombers. Makes the levels a little easier.
Note: In the regular lemmini version there were 6 glitchy levels that don't work in Superlemmini. So for those 6, I made recreations for the levels. But they are very similar
in the solutions just without the glitch. Also in some levels(not a lot) there had to be minor adjustments due to Superlemmini's engine plays different than Regular Lemmini.
Just extract the .rar file to your main Superlemmini folder. Everything should fall into place.

Note: Pieuw has 3 special levels that use the Castle Style. So if you have one in your styles folder I suggest making a backup of your styles folder. But if you don't see one there then no need to make a backup since there's nothing to be overwritten. Just go to your styles folder and look for Castle. If none are in there than simply extract this pack.
also make sure your styles folder is not set to my Superlemmini lemmings reunion because that pack does have a Castle Style in there. And I'm not sure if they are compatible.

Also I've included replays.
EDIT: Hurricane 20 is now back to original level
         instead of 8 climbers in edited version, it's now back to 1 like original
         Doing both bashers to bash diagonal down and continue horizontally in different directions is possible. I have the new level and my new replay below. Just redo the extraction. 
         To solve using both bashers in original way just set RR to 99 at beginning and bash both at same spot on opposite sides at the start of corresponding diagonals. (see replay)
         Just Looked at neolemmix's replay so I copied it to see if it worked, and it did.

Edit 2: I also managed to do Pickaxe 5 Truimph for their Magic Picks, Stoping 2 miners to go into opposite directions, then making it with remaining miners to exit.
          My new upload(.rar) for Pickaxe 5 and my new replay is in their now too.
          Now the original skillset is back. And removed the 2 builders. So now it's possible to do this level(but still not easy). The only thing I didn't put back in 505.ini is the 4th steel block
          as it just isnt possible. Even though in Neolemmix's version it is there. the one miner in Neolemmix actually mines thru half the first steel block. But in Superlemmini it's not possible.
Note: I also noticed in the Neolemmix version of Pimolems, level 7 Pickaxe (Have Skills, Will Travel), There is only 3 miners and 2min 22 seconds. The reason for this is Neolemmix, Miners also
         turn around when hitting steel. But Icho should of made it 2Min 10Sec like mine here. Because it would have been possible also in Neolemmix with this time, and it would have matched
         pieuws' time. But I kept the 6 miners there to make people think they have to use 6, although there wouldn't be enough time using 6, only 3 miners. Thus neolemmix has 3 miners only.

So here at last is the Superlemmini version of Pimolems.


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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2020, 05:58:27 AM »
Congrats on finishing the Pimolems conversion to Superlemmini as well. You certainly have accomplished a lot with pack conversion to Superlemmini the last several weeks. Definitely allow yourself to rest and relax before continuing with your Angry Lemmings pack. I probably shouldn't had slipped the possibility of you converting Pimolems to Superlemmini after you finished converting Reunion, just because I thought it's better for you to take a break rather than jump into converting Pimolems immediately after having converted Reunion, which granted must had been really hard work. You managed to convert both Reunion and Pimolems, and great job on both. Now definitely take a break. As much as I like to keep busy myself, I allow myself breaks every now and then, just because they're good to take rather than overwork oneself.

Just posting to confirm that everything looks great and is working just fine. Once again, congrats on finishing the conversion. I'll definitely report any issues if I encounter any, but that's not going to be for a while, since there are some packs I'm planning on finishing first and other stuff.

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished)
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2020, 06:15:26 AM »
yes it gets tiring not so much this packs conversion or editing. was much easier than reunion. The part that's most tiring for me is the solving of the levels. Because it takes several
attempts to solve in most cases(maybe not so much the first 2 ranks), Even though it was quicker than reunion, It's still tiring.
But I do enjoy converting it. I do though on planning on taking a little break before continuing with my angry lemmings.
But lemmings is my favorite P.C. game. I grew up with it. I remember every original pack, ohno and holiday packs when they were on the shelf in the 90's.

And yes if you find any issues when you get around to it(I'm in no hurry either) then I will try to fix. But probably with the pack there shouldn't be any since it uses the normal
styles(except for 3 special levels). I've already replayed my replays before uploading this pack to make sure all my replays work and are the correct ones.

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished)
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2020, 06:56:31 AM »
Even though it was quicker than reunion, It's still tiring.
I do though on planning on taking a little break before continuing with my angry lemmings.

Exactly. Definitely do take a break. You deserve it. I definitely don't have any doubt that even you would be able to handle the levels in the first 2 ranks without a replay. The last two main ranks, not so sure since I have mentioned that the difficulty really picks up starting with Stormy and stays high until the end of Hurricane.

In any case, you're still certainly more than welcome to collect my replays for packs that I play when I send feedback to the pack author.

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished)
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2020, 11:28:45 PM »
Hurricane 20 (Cuba Libra) is now possible using both bashers to continue down and horizontal. So I reedited the level back to original. Now back to 1 climber instead of 8. See notes in 1st post.

Also reuploaded the Pimolems pack. The original level is in the new upload as well as my new replay with the bashers continuing horizontally.

Update 2: Pickaxe 5 (Truimp for their Magic Picks)

               Pickaxe 5 is now also back to original skillset(still no 4th steel block though). I managed to solve the level with the original skillset with only 9 miners.
               I manged to stop 2 miners to reverse direction with 2 new miners. (still not easy) Also see notes in 1st Post.
               This level also is in the new upload(.rar) as well as the new replay.
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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2020, 05:34:42 AM »
I just noticed in neolemmix's version for the extra level 15 Drip-Drip Drop, it has a totally different solution than Pieuws. This solution requires the original 815.ini with the 2 bashers and 2 less builders that I changed from the original. The reason I changed it in the first place was because Pieuws solution won't work in Superlemmini due to bashers can't bash in small pits due to steel.
That's why I decided to edit the original and take away the 2 bashers and add 2 builders to help there. But now using Neolemmix's solution which doesnt even involve bashing there, I decided to
put back the original 815.ini and use Neolemmix's solution. Also I have the new replay for the level, using neolemmix's solution.

I again redid the .rar for this level and replay (along earlier with Hurricane 20 and Pickaxe 5).

so just extract this new one, and replace it over the old one.

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #6 on: November 28, 2020, 08:49:34 PM »
ok, Now that it looks like Icho will soom patch NL Pimolems again (using Swerdis' youtube solutions), I went back to his old fixes and applied them to my Superlemmini Pimolems.

here is the change log:

pimolems changes

1-05 moved hatch a couple pixels to the right so blocker will not turn
any lemmings around to the left on top platform

2-01 water tile slightly lowered as V1.4
2-11 Unfortunatly can't add a blocker pickup skill in SL so obviously can't do
2-12 Added Snowblower near other one near hatch
2-13 added more terrain with fireblowers
2-16 added the 2nd electrozapper(as in NL) and made the 2 more visible
2-18 Added a bear trap left of exit and made other one more visible


3-05 Can't do with Icho's fix due to no Pickup skills in SL
3-10 Terrain change
3-18 added 1 to save requirement(so now 2 as in NL) and subtracted 1 bomber(as in NL). I had to change my replay.
3-20 Added 2 zapper traps left of exit on thin vertical bars
     Note: No preplaced lemmings allowed in SL

4-02 Added steel, terrain changes(affected my replay)
4-04 Added hanging rope trap and removed diagonal stairs right of it.
4-06 Added more stompers and pole at left end of top platform
4-07 Just put 2 zappers a little further apart
4-08 Icho put 4 builder pickups in this level, obviously SL doesn't have, so couldn't do this.
4-09 extended downwards OWW
4-13 Added Steel and the Shredder trap

5-06 Added the 2 spinning blade traps left of exit
5-12 Icho has a blocker pickup skill in this glitchy reacreation level, obviously couldn't do since SL doesn't have pickups.
5-13 replaced the 2 rightmost OWWS with steel
5-16 Added the 2 small plates below hatch
5-17 Icho used walkers to recreate this glitch level, In SL used steel and miners to recreate


6-05 Added more terrain left of exit
6-10 lowered rightmost blade trap near right exit
6-11 Added steel below exit


7-02 lowered right fireblower
7-03 added steel with a fireblower


8-07 Added 4 steel bars on bottom part of level, also added the 2nd red flag on exit(as in Icho's v2.1)
8-15 Added steel left of OWW near bottom. Note didn't have to make digger areas thin as in Superlemmini the steel causes a lemming not be able to dig after a builder builds to contain the lemmings, since the steel is so close together.
8-18 Changed level to match NL as Superlemmini level has a big backroute
8-19 The traps have been made more visible (as in Icho's 1.5 update). Also added 2 steel plates on terrain above exit(as in V1.65)

These were the backroute fixes that Icho used in the NL version, so I did them in my Superlemmini Pimolems pack

Note: I think only maybe 2 replays I had to fix with these changes(can't remember which ones now though)

So here is my .rar of the level changes and the complete replays again. (I think only 2 were fixed)

Of course no styles adustments as Pimolems just uses the standard styles.

Just extract the .rar to the main Superlemmini folder(will fall into place)

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #7 on: November 28, 2020, 10:04:19 PM »
Great work ericderkovits :laugh:
It must have been a lot of work! I don't use SuperLemmini but it's awesome to know the pack is available on another engine. Thank you for keeping it alive :thumbsup:


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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2020, 10:32:20 PM »
Your Welcome, Pieuw. I like Superlemmini , although there are still some issues I would like Tsyu to perhaps fix(ie climber issues). Also I want more packs to be availiable in Superlemmini as there
wasn't alot before. Also I converted Dodos's Dovelems, and his minipacks(ie franlems,Dodopac,cachapac). Of course I had to recreate any glitch levels that were in your pack(ie Let them eat cake)
and some in Dodo's minipacks(ie Mesa Amarilla). But I think they are pretty close to the glitch solutions.

But the biggest conversion was Icho's Lemmings Reunion, as there were alot of climber issues in levels and also had to edit quite a bit especially since he used special styles (ie Epic).

But I really enjoy still rewatching those packs replays(especially your Pimolems and Icho's Reunion).

Also I have Mobilems and Revenge of the Lemmings now availiable in Superlemmini(-minus the last glitchy rank of Revenge of the Lemmings since almost every one there would be difficult to do).

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #9 on: December 18, 2020, 10:40:54 PM »
ok another Superlemmini Pimolems update(most fixes that Icho used in the NL version, Note any involving pickups, I couldn't do since SL doesn't have them)

pimolems backroute fixes that Icho used in the 3.2 update (Superlemmini)
* = affected replay

1-14 extended OWWs farther down

2-01 made top sides of glass steel
2-09 extended the trap, couldn't do anything with limiting each exit to 1 lemming
     since Superlemmini doesn't allow this
2-11* couldn't do since Superlemmini doesn't allow pickup skills
      But I changed my Superlemmini replay to match it as though there were
      the bomber pickups. also had to redo my NL replay as it broke.
2-12 Couldn't add the upward-facing OWWs as Superlemmini only allows left and right ones
     Added another ice-blower though
2-14 slight terrain change to break swerdis' bomber spot to stop lemmings from going right

3-03* added the steel sidings on 3 inner most vertical strips on each side. had to redo my SL replay
3-04 couldn't do since Superlemmini doesn't have pickup skills
3-08 added steel left of left traps. In Superlemmini the traps already have 4 spikes so no
     need to extend.
3-17* added small steel strips below hatch. Superlemmini's version already had the 3 min timer.
     had to fix my SL replay
3-18 added steel horizontal strips on platforms right of exit

4-01 added steel
4-02 added 2 fireblowers and a firepit
4-03 removed OWW and replaced with steel
4-04 couldn't do since Superlemmini doesn't have pickup skills
4-09 added 1 zapper trap
4-11 move entire level to the edge and reduced level size
     Doesn't affect replay
4-13* narrowed the gaps on the bars. Couldn't do anything with the 2 builder pickups
     since Superlemmini doesn't have pickup skills. affected replay
4-15 added steel and left-facing OWWs
4-17 widened terrain with the added masher traps
4-18 added steel. In SL the traps are already longer then NL's so don't need to extend
4-19* slight terrain change and added masher trap. affected replay

5-02 added 4 square steel blocks
5-12 removed some chain terrain(matches NL's now)
5-16 added small piece of terrain (also noticed NL's version has 1 fewer miners so I subtracted 1 from SL's
    (doesn't affect SL's replay though, even then I still had 1 miner left over)
5-17 added right-facing OWWs
5-18 added a steel block and extended trap
5-20 now have 2 exits(couldn't do anything with limiting the number of lemmings for each exit though as SL doesn't have this option) and terrain changes
     (note: doesn't affect the SL replay)

6-05 added steel
6-10 couldn't do anything about the builder pickup skill since SL doesn't use them.
6-11 couldn't add the NL's upward facing OWW ins SL since SL doesn't use up/down OWWs
6-13* terrain change. 2 sides thicker. Had do redo both my SL and NL replays
6-14 removed barrier terrain left of hatch so now lemmings going that way will die(matches icho's NL fix) doesn't affect replay
6-16 added a steel block left and at bottom or right pool
6-17 couldn't do anything with the 2 pickup skills since SL doesn't use them
6-18 terrain changes (left set of curves near bottom water don't connect to platform)
6-19 added steel as in spots where NL added them

7-02 couldn't do anything with the builder pickup skills since SL doesn't have them

8-10 removed the blockers and bombers(since they aren't used in the intended solution)
8-14 added a few more fireblowers to match NL's
8-15 couldn't do anything with the blocker pickup skills since SL doesn't have them
8-16 added the steel blocks in same spots in the updated NL version

anyways here is the .rar file for the updated version of Pimolems.  levels with * were replays that were affected.

just extract it to your main Superlemmini folder(will fall into place)

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Re: Pimolems for Superlemmini (Finished) UPDATE
« Reply #10 on: December 20, 2020, 09:19:32 PM »
ok, I small update to SL stormy 5 to match NL's version

change -10 climbers. (doesn't affect my SL replay)

NOTE: although I subtracted 10 climbers(just to match NL's), Scmolems solution won't even work in SL even before the subtracted climbers. This is because there are only 10 floaters in the level.
And in SL the other 10 climbers Scmolem used in his NL solution will splat because there is no vertical Bar at the top, making it not splat height.

Anyways here is the updated stormy 5 .ini file

Also updated the .rar file in the previous post to include the update.