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Level of the Year: 2019!
« on: January 25, 2020, 07:36:14 pm »
For a list of nominated levels so far, please see the nominated levels topic.

And it's this time of the year again!

This is a bit different from the usual contests. You don't create a new level for this one; instead, levels released during 2019 get nominated and a winner picked from them. To be precise, the eligible dates are from 1st Janurary 2019 to 31th December 2019.

The following conditions must be met in order for a level to be eligible:
1. The level must have either been part of a large pack released during the eligible timeframe (1st Jan 2019 to 31th Dec 2019), or in some other way had its first public release during the timeframe. Private releases (such as sending to prerelease testers) do not affect eligibility either way. *
2. The level must be available for an engine that is usually eligible for the contests. Or in other words: NeoLemmix (new format version), or single-player Lix.
3. The level must be designed by a single author; collaboration levels are not eligible.
4. The creator of the level must not have specifically requested it be excluded.
5. The level must not have been nominated for LOTY2015/2016/2017/2018.

* To clarify here: If it was released publicly prior to 1st Janurary 2019 as part of a demo or preview, but the full pack was released during the eligible period, the level is fine (as long as it wasn't nominated for LOTY2015/2016/2017/2018).

Being a derivative of an ineligible level (as long as it's from the same author, the new author has a permission from the original one, or an official level) does not disqualify a level; as long as the level in question is clearly intended to stand as a seperate-but-related level rather than a newer version of the same level. Basically just don't send in carbon copies of ineligible levels.

To nominate a level, please PM me with your list of nominations. If you wish to modify your nominations at a later date, please resend the whole list of levels you wish to nominate, not just the changes.

Each user may nominate up to six levels from authors other than themself, up to a maximum of three levels per author. Anyone who nominates at least four levels by other authors may also nominate one of their own levels. (These self-nominations do not count towards the six nomination limit.)

So the maximum nomination value is: 6 levels from other users and 1 level of your own.

Note that levels that won a level design contest during the eligible timeframe get an automatic nomination, unless their author requests otherwise.

Nominations will be open until the end of February 29th 2020 (UTC). No additions / changes to nominations will be permitted after this date, with one exception: If a level someone has nominated is found to be ineligible for any reason and this is not discovered until after the deadline, they will be offered a chance to nominate a different level in its place.

Similar to last year, the voteoff will occur in three stages:

Stage 1
The levels will be put into random brackets, and the top ~50% from each bracket will qualify for Stage 2.

Stage 2
This will also be done in regular voteoff style. The aim here will be to get down to around a couple of remaining levels, so exact details will depend on how many levels are entered.

Stage 3
This will be done in an elimination format over multiple rounds; each round, one level gets knocked out, and the others continue onto the next round, until we have a winner.

The prize on offer will be US $10.00 for first place.

Also note that, in the interest of being reasonable, the "don't discuss levels involved in contests anywhere on the site during the voting period" rule does not fully apply to this contest; instead, it will be "do not discuss them at all within the LOTY2019 topics during voting, and don't discuss them in relation to the contest anywhere on the site".

So, that's about it! Any questions, ask here; and feel free to start nominating levels!
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Re: Level of the Year: 2019!
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2020, 07:36:44 pm »
Eligible Level Packs

This is simply a rough list of levels that are eligible. They have not nessecerially been nominated, and the majority probably won't be. Please note that this is probably not a complete list, especially in regard to Lix levels; if you can think of anything that should be added, let me know!

NL and Lix

Level Design Contests: Lemmings Forums Level Contest #16, Lemmings Forums Level Contest #17, Lemmings Forums Level Contest #18, Lemmings Forums Level Contest #19

Namida: Lemmings Plus Alpha

"The Longest Minute"

tan x dx: Renaissance Lemmings, All Hallows Eve

Nessy:  Lemmings Destination

grams88: Ski Sloping Lemmings, Nuked Lemmings

NieSch: Yippee! More Lemmings

WillLem: WillLem's Xmas Lemmings 2019!, Let's Go! The WillLem Levels, Oh No! More Reverse Lemmings

IchoTolot: Lemmings United

Strato Incendus: Lemmings Open Air Demo (only levels that were added to the demo in 2019)

Any collaboration level, "Death By Crevasse", "Laboratory D-E-S-C-E-N-T", "Laboratory A-S-C-E-N-T", "Arctic Oscillation", "I Demand a Builder!", "Mount Lemmerest", "Awakening of Aggressions", "Framed with the best skills", "Soilworker's Song of the Damned", "Victory is Inevitable!", "The Next Evolution of Lem", "The Machine", "Harkonnen Force",
"The Drunken Knights of Clausthal", "Beware of the Overload!", "A Silent Scream", "Lonely Drowning In Blood", "Welcome To The Spider Dance!",
"Eyes In The Dark", "Lemmings in Unison", "The Adventures Of Lemdiana Jones", "Escape From Lemlab", "True Grid", "Deserted Cities of the Heart",
"T=0K", "Spires of Mire", "Button Mashing For Experts", "Apocalypse Maintenant"

Don't forget to check out the Random level sharing topic as well! ;)
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Re: Level of the Year: 2019!
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2020, 02:05:33 pm »
Reminder to start preparing your nominations. ;)

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Re: Level of the Year: 2019!
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2020, 06:08:35 pm »
I pm'ed the authors of the nominated levels regarding the LOTY 2019 playing phase now.
Please send me your own nominated levels
For clarification not the levels you nominated, but the nominated ones you are the author of. ;)