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Windows 10 App Store version of Lemmings
« on: June 20, 2019, 09:02:23 am »
Hi, I've been playing around with various versions of Lemmings recently and I noticed that there are subtle differences between them all.

One version I've not had any luck getting to the files of though is the version that comes from the Windows 10 app store.
I'd love to get into the files for this one and see if it is possible to extract the levels/graphics etc. like we can with the other versions.

Has anybody had a look at this version at all?

I noticed whilst playing it, the explosion effects look prettier, and there are a tonne more levels to choose from than I've seen in other versions.

Anyway, I hope somebody out there has at least looked at the Win10 app store port of Lemmings :)

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Re: Windows 10 App Store version of Lemmings
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2019, 10:10:41 am »
Are you talking about this?

From the screenshots it looks like they just use the hi-res graphics from the Windows version of Lemmings (ie. the one released back around 1995).  The levels apparently include both the official Lemmings and ONML ones, plus some user-created levels as well.  (sample from app's page on the store).

All the app's files are installed under C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\, just paste that into the address bar of a Windows File Explorer window to get there.  Graphics for terrain and objects are under subdirectory Assets\Graphics and are all PNG files it looks like.  You can also find other things like music under other subdirectories in that Assets directory, they are all in widely used standard file formats like MP3 for the music.

It's pretty obvious which subdirectory has the levels.  Although the levels have a ".lev" extension, looks like they are actually just human-readable text files you can open and edit with, for example, Notepad.  It looks to me like simply a text version of the original game's binary level file format, down to the organization with the stats (eg. skill counts) come first, then objects, then terrain, then steel areas, and finally title.

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Re: Windows 10 App Store version of Lemmings
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2019, 10:24:32 am »
Thank you so much, I'm at work at the moment and even though I'm a local admin on this PC, I couldn't access the WindowsApps folder. Having the full link you provided let me in though!

Having a quick look through, the Lemming graphics are different that the win95 ones. I'm using the win95 versions with my copy of the old DHTML Lemmings and they have more detail than these in the App store version. Seems this version has just slightly modified a few of the animations.

There is also an extra tile set named 'forest' which has flowers, trees and realistic looking grass.

Now to figure out the lev format so I can accurately recreate the maps :)