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Re: music by Minim and mobius
« Reply #15 on: September 30, 2017, 10:00:42 am »
Yeah, I think you nail it in terms of the problems OpenMPT introduces in the conversion process.  I did change the setting from 3 to 1, and I think I did luck out that it worked pretty well for the specific MIDIs, but I can see how MIDIs of other tempos may not fare as well.

It is a fair point that even casual games on phones nowadays usually use digital audio waveform formats like OGG for music.  I do suspect the set of people who would download and play games like Lix probably have little to no overlap with the set of people where the size of OGG files would still be problematic from a download time and/or storage perspective.  I would argue that support for OGG/MP3-type formats is a must, and support for XM/IT formats is important but maybe not a must.  I'll leave it to Simon to decide whether it's acceptable for Lix to only provide OGG music and how to handle their distribution (eg. separate download or not etc.).