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Re: [Android][iPhone][iPad] Inspired by Lemmings - Master Of Limpich
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2015, 12:00:49 am »
I think at a minimum maybe some of the early tutorial-like levels could be modified to be more newbie friendly so that they are less proned to failure or repeated retries from speed issues.  It is less of a problem that later levels have to deal with fast speeds since by that point the player is no longer a newbie and is more likely to be used to the speed.

As for differences in skills, I don't expect it to be 100% copy of lemmings, but some of the differences I encountered simply felt a bit jarring coming from a long history of playing lemmings.  Things like blockers cannot be assigned to bombers, or that in one early level, I try to assign the digger (or whatever he's called) to start mining but the assignment keeps getting applied to some other walking lemming in the crowd.  It felt like arbitrary choices where sure, limpich doesn't have to follow the choice of lemming's, but in not following it doesn't seem to add much to the game except to trip up long time lemmings players.  Perhaps eventually when I play through enough levels I'll get used to the differences, but at the time it was sort of one more thing that nudged me more in the direction of "eh, maybe I'll revisit later".  Though given how old lemmings has been, I can also understand that maybe most of your players are starting more from a blank slate and maybe won't have this problem.

Anyway, I probably should update to the latest version first and see if any of my first impressions might change as a result.  If nothing else it can help me refresh my memory on specific pain points.  It's just that I have so little time lately to even get involved in much of anything on this forum, let alone another game. :XD: