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Dancing Lemming screen cleaning pad
« on: December 12, 2014, 05:47:24 PM »
This is one of several Lemmings-related sewing projects that I started on prior to the announcement of the upcoming official merchandise, but haven't yet had the time to finish. It's a little screen cleaning pad.

I started with the below image, which originally came from page 121 of the June 1993 issue of Amiga Computing (which carried an article about the single, Lemmings by SFX), and which I cleaned up in order to remove as much of the background as I could.

As you can see, a little bit of yellow remains around some parts of the outlines, but this was never going to show once it had been printed onto white fabric, which was done at Spoonflower, in the blank space at the edge of one of my other as-yet-unfinished Lemmings projects...

I sewed the printed piece to a swatch of blue short-pile plush fabric and added stuffing, and the result is a two-and-a-half inches tall screen cleaning pad.

The only thing I wasn't happy with with this project, is the fact that I accidentally cut the seam allowance a little too close to the thread after the stitching was done, resulting in a few small seam pops after turning it right-side out, which were a bit fiddly and irritating to fix. That aside, I think it came out pretty well. :thumbsup: