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Ultra-lazy but useful fabric crafts
« on: November 18, 2014, 05:12:16 AM »
I've been pretty busy lately, but had a need to make a couple of fabric-based items, which of course are Lemmings-themed.

These are probably the laziest things that I've ever made (if you can even count this as making anything, haha :D), but they're pretty handy and I'm happy with them, so I figured that I'd post them up.

Firstly, here is the Oh No! cleaning cloth. This is just an 8"x8" swatch of my custom Oh No! tribute fabric from Spoonflower, with the white edges cut off using pinking shears. Because the fabric option that I used for this (Performance Knit - a synthetic knit fabric with excellent colour reproduction, which doesn't lose colours or fade when washed) has very good wicking properties, it makes a very good cleaning cloth.

And secondly, here's a small bag, featuring a snippet of the remainder of the custom-made Lomax fabric that I used for the lining of my Lomax-themed dice bag on the front of it. This one simply involved using the pinking shears (again) to cut out a piece of the Lomax fabric, which was then applied with permanent fabric glue to the front of a 10cmx12cm pre-made drawstring bag from the online craft supplies shop, Baker Ross. I put this together in order to keep the three current Rory's Story Cubes Mix expansions together within my dice bag. Since that set contains a few dice that are themed after medieval folk tales and fairytales, I figured that using fabric featuring Lomax, who is himself from the Medieval Tribe, would allow me to quickly locate that dice set when I need it. :thumbsup: