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Game Projects
« on: October 14, 2009, 10:26:17 pm »
This has nothing to do with the code needed to make a game, so preferably no discussion about that here.  But if you're making your own game, you can post it here.

You can also share advice here, and answer questions about the process (although ones that aren't related to how to program something, please.  Use Programming Code Needed to Make Game?  for those questions.)  Something that I read in another topic is that you would probably want to make your own level editor as a way to edit maps/levels in your games.

I have a plan worked out.  On my game projects, I'm going to make one map editor that can be used to edit the maps for any of my projects.  Although I might not implement play testing unless requested by popular demand, as I would like to program it to work with two very different styles of games (yes, I plan to release the editor to the public).  Eventually, but not certainly, it might become advanced enough to be used to generate a multiplatform game with no programming experience required (except by me), but I guess that's a little ambitious for someone who's still learning how to program.
What're you thoughts about this idea?

I shall also do something that I'm sure a lot of us might be wishing for - a Cheapo rivival.  After gaining experience, I shall do my best to remake Cheapo by making a cross platform version.  However, support for the original Cheapo formats might take a while.
My new format might like a little like this:
The level will contain:
all with the editor, so you don't have to go through too many hassles.