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Non-Lemmings Gaming / Turtle Trench (iPhone Lemmings game)
« on: July 08, 2011, 04:50:49 pm »
Hi guys,

I'm new here. I've been a long fan of the lemmings game. I wanted to show you guys what I've been developing lately...

I've created Lemmings-clone for the iPhone platform, called "Turtle Trench". I've just uploaded a "Lite" version to the app store, and that can be downloaded for free.

If anyone has iPhones/iPod Touches, then you should be able to play it. I'm working on a full version with more features, more levels, and graphics. I'm anxious to hear your feedback, as the ideas and suggestions you give will be incorporated into the Full version.

Turtle Trench (iPhone Game)

Post comments and suggestions here, and I'll be happy to respond. Thanks.

btw: I have a Flash based level editor, so when I release the Full version, I plan to make it possible for anyone to submit their own bundles of levels.

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