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Title: Introduction, returning to the series
Post by: mentalconflux on January 26, 2021, 06:27:48 PM
Hello, Lemmings forum! I'm a long-time Lemmings fan, but one who never completed any of the games... but I'm rectifying that now. Going through the whole main series, and streaming it on Twitch. I've posted a Lemmings series overview and personal history on my blog (https://conflux.game.blog/2021/01/14/lemmings-roadmap/).

My research into figuring out how to get the games running on a modern PC led me to the impressive fan projects like NeoLemmix and Lix, and of course to this forum. So I could include unofficial content and extend my Lemmings streaming project indefinitely... we shall see.

For now, I'm playing the DOS games. These are the ones I remember.

Now, I am ambivalent about returning to 3D Lemmings. But I will get there. I do have fond memories of playing it back then, but I recently fired it up in DOSBox and, well, it's not aged well. It's mainly the camera controls that I find uncomfortable. I yearn for mouselook! Other beloved games of that early 3D era have been upgraded over the years, with support for modern PCs, and crucially, more modern controls.

Could there be a modernised clone for 3D Lemmings that runs with the original assets? Perhaps if there was a better player, more people would make custom 3d levels.  I'm considering giving this an attempt, focusing on perfecting the controls, with reasonable customisability. The tools I'd reach for would be web development ones, so I'd build it as a web app. I remember DHTML Lemmings as a breakthrough in impressive non-Flash web-based gaming. Has anyone taken the name 3DHTML Lemmings?
Title: Re: Introduction, returning to the series
Post by: namida on January 26, 2021, 06:46:57 PM
Pooty's thrown around the idea of a modernised L3D clone before, but anything he's working on is far more likely to be based in Unity / C#.

L3D's camera controls are definitely a bit on the awkward side, but I find them manageable. Turning down the camera speed helps a lot - the highest setting is far too sensitive. Overall though, L3D is definitely a great game, which is why I made the effort to create an editor and a whole pack of levels. ;)
Title: Re: Introduction, returning to the series
Post by: mentalconflux on February 02, 2021, 10:15:30 PM
I'll try lowering the L3D camera speed, thanks for the tip. I'll soon enough get around to trying your levels too, and studying your R&D for the editor :)