Author Topic: Converting Leves from WinLems to NeoLemmix  (Read 51 times)

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Converting Leves from WinLems to NeoLemmix
« on: August 12, 2017, 06:27:54 pm »
Hi everyone,

as I've mentioned in a different thread, for the first levels I made several years ago, I used a Lemmings clone called WinLems. While it did have a level editor that worked similarly to the NeoLemmix one, one could only choose from among the original tilesets, and it was not possible to combine tiles from different graphic sets (whenever one would change the graphic set, the terrain pieces and objects would change into their respective counterparts, if available, of that different graphic set).

I have now begun to manually recreate these levels in NeoLemmix to fill up my pack with my former ideas, because I still like many of them today. For the smaller, "block-based" and more mechanically-driven levels, this was easy, but recreating huge levels where the terrain in the original version was placed quite randomly obviously is quite a hassle.

Has anyone else here ever worked with WinLems or knows a way to convert these levels into NeoLemmix format? Because as I said, the way the two editors work is really quite similar. WinLems however saves each individual level as a .dat-file.