Author Topic: Jackbox - Party Pack 10 launch session - Sunday 22nd October 5pm UTC (6pm UK)  (Read 2506 times)

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Sorry for the delay in arranging a new session since June but due to how quiet it was on the forums over the summer, we thought it would be better to wait until the launch of the new Jackbox party pack on October 19th and Jackbox games decided to wait until now to tell us the exact release date.

So we're planning on having a session the usual way on the discord server on Sunday 22nd October at 5pm UTC (6pm UK time). - Yes it's 3 days after the pack releases but it's a good day for most people to play and usually the Jackbox servers will be hit hardest on release day so best to avoid that, it's about as close to launch day which we can reasonably have a session.

We'll play through all the new games in Party Pack 10, revisit the popular ones later on if they were huge hits.
Then we can revisit some games from Party Packs 2-9, by picking someone to choose a game of their choice.

Kingshadow and myself will host the session again as always.

Just show up to the LF discord voice tribes at the time of the session (you don't need to own the game to play), watch the stream, play and have a good time with the Lemmings community and mix some Lemmings forums humour into the Jackbox forumla!

So who's interested?

If you want to read more about the new pack 10 games then read on, otherwise don't read beyond here if you'd rather not know and keep it all under wraps.

The Games

The sequel game first of all.....

Players: 3-8 ~ Drawing ~ 20 min

The fan-favorite fashion throw down returns! Create the ultimate garment out of your own weird drawings and slogans, then send it into battle. But with new drawing tools, new clothing options like hoodies and tank tops, and a new button-pounding final round… who will emerge as the next champion of Tee Shirt Island?

Players: 3-8 ~ Writing ~ 15 min

Ever wished someone would answer your texts for you? Imagined the masterful comebacks you and your friends would create if you mashed all your brains together? You’re in luck! This game lets you play out that fantasy with all of the chaos, and none of the backlash!

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Players: 1-9 ~ Musical ~ 5 min

Hello gorgeous nature. Welcome to an uncharted jungle, inhabited by musical birds who play songs for a carnivorous plant that MIGHT eat them, if they don’t play their notes accurately. Are they dodos? No. Did they evolve from dodos? Maybe…don’t overthink it. We didn’t.

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Players: 1-8 ~ Trivia ~ 15 min

What would you do if you had a time machine? Would you go back and try to fix some mistakes? Would you travel into the future to see who you’ve become? No, of course not! You’d use it to play an immersive trivia game!

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Players: 4-8 ~ Deception ~ 20 min

HYPNOSIS, TEAMWORK AND HIDDEN IDENTITIES!!! In Hypnotorious, players are attending a hypnotist’s show, where, as you might expect, they get hypnotized. Each player will take on a new, unique identity such as Frankenstein, a snowman or a carrot. They will then be asked to answer questions as their character would.

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I plan on joining this time.
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