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Turnierbild Dark, a PySolFC cardset
« on: August 21, 2023, 10:08:10 PM »

What's This

Turnierbild Dark is a cardset for PySolFC, a free-and-open-source solitaire/patience collection written in cross-platform Python 2. A cardset is an alternative skin for the playing cards in PySolFC.

Turnierbild Dark is my modification of the XSkat German cardset that ships with PySolFC. I've recolored the four suits according to the four-color tournament Skat deck, called Turnierbild, which gives my cardset its name. I've changed the card paper from white to dark grey. The face cards are dimmed.

How to Install
  • Install PySolFC. I tested with version 2.21.0.
  • Download the attached .zip.
  • Find your PySolFC user directory. On Linux, it is: ~/.PySolFC/ Maybe you must run PySolFC once to have it create that directory.
  • Extract the .zip into the directory cardsets/ in that user directory. You should now have this directory structure: <your user directory>/cardsets/cardset-turnierbild-dark/01c.gif
  • Run PySolFC.
  • Options -> Cardset..., select: Turnierbild Dark
I recommend a dark table to go with Turnierbild Dark, e.g., the plain black from my screenshot, or the galaxy at night. Choose the table color in Options -> Table tile...


By design, four colors remove the tight coupling between (diamonds and hearts) and bewteen (spades and clubs). That's a problem for games with alternating red-black packing. Look at the screenshot. In the rightmost column, we can grab and move 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 as a unit, but we can't move the entire Q-J-...-2 because the 8 and 9 are both black suits. Ideas to improve the red-black problem are welcome. Although I'll be picky. There is personal taste at stake. I must subjectively like the resulting set.

Face cards have indices only in two corners, not four. Let me know if you find games where that is problematic. Forty Thieves fans the discard pile leftwards, but you can still see the indices at the bottom right.

Graphics for open spaces aren't in dark mode. E.g., in the screenshot, the two empty club foundations are too light, as is the free weaving space on the very left in. Let me know if you find a way to fix that.

-- Simon
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